The Color Purple

Alice Walker


The book opens with Celie telling about how she had to keep the secret of her father abusing her. She also talks about how her mother died. Celie tells us about the fact that she thinks her father Alphonso stole her first baby and killed it. She also thinks that he will do the same thing to the second baby. Ceile and her sister Nettie discover this man named Mr._______. He wanted to marry Nettie but then he chooses to marry Celie. After this happens Nettie runs away from Alphonso. Mr._____ sisters come to visit him and Celie. They treat Celie with kindness. Shug Avery gets really sick by some kind of disease and no one in town will take her in not even her parents. Celie and Mr.______ took her in and started to take care of her. When Shug thinks about leaving when she is all better Celie gets really upset and tells Shug that Mr.______ beats her when she is away. Shug decides that she will stay until she knows that Mr._____ won't beat Celie anymore. She has to figure out what she will do next.


I thought the book was very good. I loved it the one thing that I liked about this book was that you knew everything that was going on in the book. I also liked that everything that was in the book was from Celie's point of view. The letters that she wrote to god where all on her point of view and that's a reason why I liked the book. The one thing that I didn't like about the book was that Mr._______ keep Nettie's letters from Celie. I thought that it was the worse thing that happened in the book. Other than that I thought that the book was very good and I would recommend anyone to read it.


Celie was a girl that is telling the story through her letters from god. She was always told that she was ugly and was always being abused. She never could stand up for herself in the whole book she would always just left her stepdad and her husband abuse her.

Shug Avery is the woman that Celie admired very much. She reminded Celie of her mama. At the beginning of the story she didn't seem all that great of the person.

Mr. ______ was Celie husband in the book. He wasn't always nice to Celie. He never had any feeling for her. He would also abuse Celie.

Nettie is Celie's younger sister. She is really bright and smart. She moves to Africa and she writes letters to Celie about her life in Africa.

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