Caregiver Series: Expectations

Newsletter & Episode 3

In this episode Michelle and Kristin give ideas on how to set expectations for at home learning, how to reinforce expectations, and finally, some ideas for what to do if your child is having difficulty meeting expectations.

The sections below give basic ideas and the video goes into more detail!

Caregiver Episode 3 Expectations

Setting Expectations

Why set expectations?

Setting clear expectations is the kindest way to help your child understand what you want from them. By breaking at home learning down into it's smallest pieces, clearly defining 3-5 expectations for each task, and referring back to them you are helping your child stay focused and calming their brain.
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Enforcing Expectations

Ideas for enforcing expectations

Setting expectations is only the first step in having children understand them. It's important that you teach and practice the expectations with your child.
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What if my child still isn't following the expectations? Then what?

If your child is still having difficulty following the expectations, chat with them and see what's up. Find a time when you are both calm and focus on the expectation they are having difficulty meeting (not necessarily the behavior that communicated the difficulty). Think of the behavior as a's often the first indicator that you are sick...but it's not the reason you are sick. Dig in with your child and work on a plan to help them meet the expectation.

And, if all else fails, we are here for you! Reach out to your child's teacher!

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