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I hope that you all had Happy Thanksgiving! In these challenging and uncertain times, it is more important than ever to be thankful and to show gratitude. Since March, leading our campus has been one of the most challenging things I've ever done(besides being a mom). It has however been made easier with the support of a great staff, a wonderful school community and the joy that I see on my students faces both online and in person. Thank you all! Below are a few updates that will help us smoothly get through the remainder of the year.

Morning Temperature Checks & Drop Off

Morning temperature checks are still required and we need everyone to follow the campus procedures of having children remain in their car until we check their temperature. While this has actually gone smoother than expected, we are starting to have parents that are letting kids out of the car before a staff member check the temperature. Please be patient and keep your child in the car until they are checked. Below are a few additional reminders for drop off:

  • Please make sure to roll down your window for temperature check
  • If you know your child will need assistance unloading, please unlock the door so we can easily assist
  • Please do not pull around vehicles as students are unloading. We've had some near accidents in Jason loop due to this and we need everyone's assistance to just be patient.
  • Remember when you roll down the window for temperature check, your child's mask should be on fully covering nose and mouth.
  • Children should have their things ready to go(lunch bags, water bottles, backpacks, etc.)

Afternoon Pick Up

Afternoon pick up is going smoothly and the majority of afternoons we are complete by 3:15 p.m. Below are a few reminders to help us continue to make this smooth:

  • A reminder that students need to enter the vehicle from the passenger side
  • In the front loop please do not create two lines to try and pull around vehicle. Please wait for our direction and as needed we will pull vehicles around if there is a situation where a car is still waiting for a child to load.
  • Pick up time is by 3:15. In the past weeks, we've had families begin to come later, leaving children at school well past 3:15. We do not have extended day and we need all families to make arrangements for on time pick up. We understand that emergencies happen and in these rare situations, please call us to let us know you are running late.
  • Remember to always notify your child's teacher if there are changes in pick up arrangements. Unless we are aware, we will not allow another person to pick up your child if they are not listed on the pick up list. Notifying us ahead of time avoids us needing to delay the person picking as we need to verify before dismissing

3rd 6 weeks

The 3rd 6 weeks is just around the corner and tomorrow we will be working on final numbers for each classroom. This process was slowed as we had parents that forgot to make a selection or changed their selection and had to log into the system to make the changes. While we don't expect much structural change, I do have grade levels that we are looking at to determine if we can effectively continue with the structure that we have. These grades include 1st and 3rd.

  • In first grade we have large numbers in our virtual class and we will be reevaluating this structure
  • In 3rd grade, we have one teacher that has just returned from leave, however another that just went out on leave. We will reevaluating 3rd grade structure

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