Message From Central Road School

Mrs. Joanna Shostachuk, School Principal

A Note from Mrs. Shostachuk 9/5/2021

Dear Central Road Families:

This past week included another one filled with meaningful teaching and learning! We thank you for attending our Parent Orientation event. Whether you were able to join us in person or virtually, your presence was greatly appreciated. We hope you found the information to be informative and comforting knowing we are all working hard to ensure the needs of our students are met both from an academic and social-emotional lens. A strong connection between home and school benefits children tremendously. We continue to appreciate your support and dedication to our Central Road community. Allowing us to spend quality time with your child throughout the school week is a true honor. Thank you for taking a moment to read our weekly parent communication. Please enjoy the long, holiday weekend with family and friends while remaining healthy too. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Kindest Regards,

Joanna Shostachuk

Community Service Project

For their "Change the World" community service project in 5th grade, Saanvi Pipaliya and Aastha Nanavati wanted to raise money for Feed My Starving Children. They continued this project all through the summer and raised over $1,000 to donate. They raised the money by creating inspirational quote frames, bracelets, and bookmarks that they sold around their neighborhood. They even recruited Arya Nanavati, Vihaan Pipaliya, and Anika Dalvi to help them. As a culminating event for their project, these amazing girls organized a time for all of their families and their teacher to volunteer for a packing shift at Feed My Starving Children on the night they donated the money. We are so proud of our Central Road students for their perseverance in not only reaching their $500 goal, but well surpassing it! (We too thank Mrs. Fior and their parents) for supporting their efforts. Their act of kindness has truly made our community a better one!

Self-Certification, Masks & Water Bottles

Please kindly continue to send your child to school with a mask and their self-certification lanyard signed each day. Ensuring students are healthy before learning begins is important to the safety of all. Thank you for your help with this each day. Students too are welcome to bring a water bottle for drinking water as staying hydrated is valuable. Our water fountains have been turned back on for refilling water bottles and for regular use as needed. Thank you for your continued support!

Parent/Student Handbook 2021-2022

Please take a moment to review our Parent/Student Handbook 2021-2022. You will find information pertinent to District 15 as a whole in this handbook which is shared yearly.

Safety Drills

Safety comes first! Staff and students will participate in several safety drills this year. When discussing school safety and practice drills, staff have been trained to approach each one with calmness and care coupled with the use of kid-friendly verbiage. Schools are required by Illinois School Code to conduct the following drills:
  • Three evacuation drills. One of the three evacuation drills must be supervised by the fire department.

  • One bus evacuation drill.

  • One severe weather/shelter-in-place drill.

  • Two law enforcement (lockdown) drills. One of these two law enforcement drills must be a staff initiated lock-down.

We plan to hold a fire drill this month while the weather remains favorable. Please also take a moment to review some updated information regarding new lockdown information related to House Bill 2400 (The School Safety Drill Act) Lockdown Opt-Out. We will share information with you prior to any practice lockdown drills taking place this school year.

Picture Retake Day-September 20th

Picture Retake Day will take place on September 20th. Any students who missed our original Picture Day on September 1st are welcome to have their picture taken. Students who would like a second opportunity are welcome to participate as well. Online ordering information is below for your review.

Online Order Code: 60455D

September Fall Benchmarking Grades K-6

We have started gathering our fall benchmarking data for students at Central Road. Our window will be from September 1-17th. This information allows for teachers to meet the needs of a wide range of learners within their classrooms. Below is some information about our upcoming assessments. If you have any specific questions related to fall benchmarking, please feel free to reach out to your child's classroom teacher.

FastBridge Grades K-1

All students in Kindergarten and first grade take the FastBridge assessment system in the Fall and Spring of each school year. FastBridge uses brief measures of early literacy and math at the Kindergarten and first grade levels. These brief assessments provide data on an early learner’s reading and math development. The FastBridge assessments typically take less than 10 minutes per student, but the data gained provides teachers with insights and suggestions to help address each child’s needs. More information about FastBridge can be found at

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Grades 2-8

Students in grades 2 to 8 take an academic test called the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). The MAP test measures each student’s achievement and growth in reading and math. Most students complete the MAP in less than 40 minutes. The MAP test provides our staff with valuable information that helps plan instruction and track student growth. Like FastBridge for the early grades, students in grades 2 to 8 take the MAP once in the fall and again in the spring. Please visit the District 15 website if you would like more information about the MAP test. If you would like to have your child practice the MAP test, you can visit the MAP practice site at:

MAP test results from the fall and spring testing periods will be available to parents via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. These results are typically posted in October and again in June.

MAP and FastBridge testing are completed at school. However, if you have a student that qualifies for virtual learning through a medical exemption, your child will take these tests remotely (at home). Students in quarantine due to a close contact with another who has been identified as COVID-19 positive, will take the MAP test or the FastBridge assessment when their quarantine ends and they return to school. If you are interested in more information about the MAP test, please contact me, your child’s teacher, or download the MAP Parent Toolkit at

PBIS at Central Road

The Central Road staff is excited to be part of the PBIS network which is implemented in all District 15 schools and over 1500 schools in Illinois. It is also supported by the State Board of Education. The focus of our PBIS structure is to create a positive school climate that fosters respect, responsibility, and safety for all students.

What is PBIS?

PBIS (School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) is a proactive, team based framework for creating and sustaining safe and effective schools. Emphasis is

placed on prevention of problem behavior, development of prosocial skills, and the

use of data-based problem solving for addressing existing behavior concerns. School wide

PBIS increases the capacity of our school to educate all students utilizing research-based school-wide, classroom, and individualized interventions. If warranted, some students may benefit from additional reteaching opportunities and natural consequences throughout the year.

There are 5 main components to our PBIS plan;

1. Define-clear and concise definition(s) of behavior expectations

2. Teach-direct teaching of behavior expectations

3. Remind/Reinforce-regular reminders & positive reinforcement for students meeting expectations

4. Celebrate-recognize and celebrate successes on a regular basis

5. Correct-reteach and redirect students when applicable

At the start of this school year, students visit the cafeteria, playground, bathroom, hallway, LRC, and bus to review and define our expectations for the year. Classroom teachers also spend time identifying key processes and systems within their rooms with their students. This allows students to clearly know and understand what is expected of them in all areas of our school setting and there are no surprises. School expectations are revisited throughout the year when needed. We focus on 3 three B’s-be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.

We are always trying to catch students making positive choices by rewarding students with “CBGs.” Students are awarded “CBGs” throughout the school day as a form of positive recognition for demonstrating any of our 3 B’s.

Just like we teach academics, PBIS provides us a platform to also address the social/emotional needs of our students. On a regular basis, students with their classroom teachers, will participate in various lessons and role playing activities. They will proactively be taught ways to deal with various social situations that support our PBIS program using a social skills curriculum called Second Step.

As a parent, how can I support Central Road's PBIS program?

The routines that students learn at school can carry over to promote positive behavior outside of school. You, as parents, play an influential role within the PBIS framework by becoming involved within our school setting and supporting our 3 B’s-be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

1. Encourage your child to earn as many “CBGs” as possible.

2. Use any behavioral situation as a learning experience by discussing positive choices and natural consequences.

3. Help celebrate successes as we do in school on a regular basis

4. Keep lines of communication between school and home open. We are here to work together to provide the best learning environment for each child.


Please note that bus/transportation routes are posted in Infinite Campus for parents to view. We are working hard with our transportation department to make any needed adjustments which can take 1-2 weeks to change. If you have an issue or question regarding transportation, please contact our school office so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner. Please also note that our busses require enough driving space to enter. Car drivers should allow our school busses the right of way when entering into our parking lot. Please call the school office and e-mail your child's classroom teacher of any changes in pick up routines by 3:00 pm the latest each day (Fridays by 2:00 pm) so we can ensure your child get homes by car or bus as requested in the change. Improving our accuracy will in turn improve our efficiency. Thank you for your patience and support!

Noon Hour (Lunch Time)

Our lunch hour this school year takes place daily from 11:50-12:50 pm. Students in grades kindergarten (Mrs. Sarli)-3rd eat for the first 30 minutes and then play outside from 12:20-12:50 pm. Students in grades 4th-6th participate in recess first from 11:50-12:20 pm and then eat their lunch from 12:20-12:50 pm. Small groups of students will transition into eating in the cafeteria on a rotating basis while maintaining 3 feet of distance when doing so. Our first group of students who will begin eating in the MPR starting on September 6th is as follows;

11:50-12:20 pm-Ms. Holmes, Ms. Marchetto and Ms. Cortes

12:20-12:50 pm-Mrs.Klass, Ms. Cibulka, and Ms. Gonzalez

The remainder of our students will continue to eat in their classrooms and will have an opportunity to eat in our MPR as we rotate different groups every month. Hand washing before and after eating occurs every day. This school year, lunch remains free for all students. However, you are welcome to send a cold lunch with your child if he/she prefers to bring one from home.

While outside during recess, students are not expected to wear masks (optional). Students have been playing in designated areas/zones with their classmates. We offer each classroom an opportunity to play on the playground equipment throughout the week. Recess equipment (ex: jump ropes, balls) is acceptable for use as well. Each classroom has a bin of recess equipment they use each day.


Teachers in general love this time of year. Central Road teachers and staff members take the prospect of beginning a new year to a whole new level. They prepare their classrooms, plan lessons, organize schedules, review student records, and think about all of the possibilities the year ahead holds. As much as we recognize their efforts and successes here at school, nothing means more to a teacher or staff member than a kind word from a student or his/her family. As we get the year underway, I invite you to take notice of the things you see your child's teacher do, hear your child's teacher say, or the things you hear your child gush with excitement about related to their teacher. We've included this simple form for you to submit should you feel so inclined to do so. Children in full day school spend more of their waking day with their teacher than they do with their parents. We thank you for entrusting your child with us! This is going to be a great school year.

Thank A Teacher Link

Safety Message from Mrs. Kathy Nordin

September 2021 SAFETY

Well, we are firmly back to school and it is time to address several safety issues.

Mostly, it concerns traffic flow, especially at afternoon pickup. I know everyone

wants to be in the parking lot immediately to pick up their child or children. If you

are arriving after 300pm, the likelihood there is room after that time is not good.

Vehicles are lining up in the middle of Central Road, waiting to enter the lot. This is

not the best idea. Please legally park your vehicle and walk over to the school for

pickup. Or pull into the lot and pull into a parking space until the traffic in the lot

begins to move. Under no circumstances should anyone be pulling over on the

north side between the driveways facing eastbound. It is dangerous and is

unacceptable. I bring this up as we had several incidents the first week of school. It

is difficult enough for through traffic to proceed with these two scenarios. Plus,

buses cannot easily enter the lot. Many have had to circle the block and come back

to enter from the other direction. BUSES HAVE PRIORITY FOR PARKING LOT


Another old reminder is those who are parking legally but are crossing in the

middle of Central Road, especially those who have younger children with them. This

is not only extremely dangerous but is not the way to teach your young children

how to cross a street. I know I have said this here many times before but it

continues to happen. This is too important and is very frustrating to see. It can be

easily rectified.

Here is an issue that has also become problematic in the morning and afternoon.

When you are waiting to enter the parking lot, please be aware it against state law

to block or stop in a crosswalk. It has happened quite a bit since school opened. But

not only is it against the law, it prevents anyone from crossing the street to get to or

from school. I actually had a gentleman stop this morning and apologize for having

done it several days ago. I appreciated him taking the time to acknowledge that it

was the wrong thing to do. I have many drivers who do stop before the crosswalk. I

hope everyone remembers that.

As always, thank you to all who take the time to read these few lines meant to

keep everyone safe and sound. And, too, if you know someone who doesn't read

this, please share.

Central Road Highlights!

A Note from the Central Road Health Office

The health and safety of our students is our top priority. We continue to encourage good hand washing and physical distancing at school. Students are wearing masks inside the building at all times except when eating. Masks are optional for students during the noon hour when outdoors. If your child is sick, please keep him/her at home for the safety of all. We will work together regarding next steps for returning back to school if ill. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

There has been a delay with the start of Shield Testing. We will provide families with an update once we are set to begin at school. We apologize for the delay but we hope to begin the week of September 13th. Our scheduled day of the week for Shield Testing is each Friday morning. More to come soon!

If you have any questions regarding your child's health, you may reach me at or at 847-963-5102. We will work together to ensure all guidelines are followed and clearly understood while keeping our students all safe and healthy!

Thank you for your patience.
Amita Patel, Central Road Nurse

Contact Information for Central Road School

Welcome to Central Road Elementary School, Home of the Wolves! We are located at 3800 Central Road Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-2554.

Our main office phone number is 847-963-5100. Our Absence Line is 847-963-5101.

Principal: Mrs. Joanna Shostachuk 847-963-5105

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Lauren Green 847-963-5104

Elementary Secretary: Mrs. Pam Rogers 847-963-5180

School Nurse: Mrs. Amita Patel 847-963-5102

Community and/or PTA Information

Thank you for joining our PTA and supporting their amazing work for our Central Road community!

Spirit Gear Store OPEN Feel free to place an order.

Please feel free to email our PTA with any questions. Dan McCullough, President, Callie Sealock, Communications Chair,

Community Event at Falcon Park September 11th

Important Dates to Remember

  • Monday, September 6th-No School Labor Day
  • Wednesday, September 8th-Board of Education Meeting @ 7pm

  • Wednesday, September 15th-PTA Meeting @7pm

  • Monday, September 20th-Picture Retake Day

About Us

Address: 3800 Central Road Rolling Meadows, IL 60008-2554

Phone Number: 847-963-5100

Absence Line: 847-963-5101

Fax Number: 847-963-5106