Help Wanted!!

Do you love to go on adventures? Are you a good hunter? Can you survive in the wilderness for days? If so, then you would be a good person to go on a trip with Lewis and Clark.

What will you be doing on this trip?

You will be •Finding the sources of the Missouri River ·Try to find a useable route across the Rocky Moutains to the Pacific Ocean ·and to observe the customs of the Native Americans you meet along the way.Lewis and Clark trail

What kind of person does this trip need?

You need to be someone who can: ·Surivive in all different types of weather and climate conditions ·Hunt and survive in the wilderness ·Get along with a diversity of people and have strong muscles to carry heavy things.

Who to contact?

You can get a hold of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark or Thomas Jefferson to join this trip!
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