Bridesmaids Update - Week of Wedding Edition


Hey lady-team!

Welcome to your Wedding Week edition of the #ParkerToMorris newsletter. Also, this is the first edition that Sara is seeing, so welcome our Bride to the newsletter fun!

Please read this carefully as it is your lifeline to wedding weekend questions. If you have any questions, please direct them my way!

p.s. - remember to tag any posts / pics with #parkertomorris - we're gonna take SO. MANY. SELFIES.

Weekend Schedule

Wedding Day Schedule

Event: The Wedding Ceremony

Date and time: Saturday, July 19th at 5:00 PM

Various arrival times as follows:

9:00 AM Bridesmaids Up

9:30 AM Breakfast arrives for bridesmaids

10:00 AM Groomsman’s Breakfast

10:30 AM Bridesmaids and Bride Hair

12:30 PM Deliver Grooms and Brides Present

1:00 PM Lunch delivered to Bride’s suite

1:45 PM Sara put dress on!

2:15 PM Art and Merritt see Sara

2:30 PM Bridesmaids and Bride Photos

3:00 PM Groomsman & Grooms Ready

3:15 PM Max and Sara No Look Pictures

3:30 PM Sara has a Moment with Dad

3:30 PM Groomsman and Grooms Pictures

3:30 PM Musicians Arrive

3:45 PM Pastors Arrive

3:45 PM Greeters Arrive

3:45 PM Grandparents be ready

4:00 PM Extended family Arrival

4:10 PM Open gate for seating

4:30 PM Prelude music begins

The main event…We’re getting married!

Event: Reception

Location: The Carriage House @ The Bleckley Inn

VERY Estimated Times: 5:30p immediately following ceremony (after pictures)

6:45p Enter reception site – (Bridal Party will enter through Hotel!)

6:50p first dance with Max

6:55p dad/daughter

7:00p mom/groom dance

7:05pm Cupcakes


9:00p Throw garter.

9:10p Throw bouquet.

9:40p Farewell - Sparklers

10:00p Depart in Max’s car

10:05p Max and Sara will return upstairs to change, then leave in her car.

Thank you for being a part of our special day!
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