What's Happening in 4th Grade!

November 19, 2013


Throughout the year, we will be learning how to use our math computation skills and strategies to solve problems.

For example:

There are 75 boys and 93 girls in a club. If each boy paid an annual membership fee of $11 and each girl paid $8, what was the total amount collected from the members in a year?

Rereading problems more than once and identifying what information you know are good places to begin solving this type of problem. Reading comprehension skills important, even in math! Your child can find more problems of this type, as well as computation practice, on tenmarks.com. There is a link to this site below. We will be using this website in class, but students are also encouraged to practice at home. The site provides great reinforcement for skills we have already learned. Students also have opportunities to show what they know in this type of testing format.

Language Arts

Students wrote reflections on Out of My Mind as we finished reading this book last week. Their responses included ways to help the disabled, letters to characters, how Melody changed during the book, and explanations of the title and cover art. Students wrote thoughtful responses and many had wonderful insights regarding how to treat and help people who deal with various developmental challenges.

Students are also continuing to write personal narrative or fiction pieces. We are still focusing on story elements and word choice, as well as planning before writing. Planning helps authors organize their stories and stay on topic. Sometimes authors decide to change their plans, but a plan is generally helpful in getting started.


The peas and beans we planted have grown roots and are sprouting. Many of the plants have broken through the top of the soil. Students are very conscientious about caring for their plants by making sure they have enough water and sunlight. It's always exciting to watch something grow!

Social Studies

Fourth graders are beginning to study the Native Peoples of Virginia. We started by reviewing the five regions and major rivers of Virginia. We learned about the Fall Line, which is a change in elevation that creates a natural boundary. As we learn in depth about the language groups of the Native Peoples of Virginia, we will discuss how the natural resources available influenced the way each culture lived and met basic needs.

Canned Food Drive

We are having a canned food drive this week to benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. The schedule is:

Monday - macaroni, pasta, rice

Tuesday - canned meat

Wednesday - canned vegetables and soups

Thursday - peanut butter and cereal

Friday - canned fruit

Please feel free to send in your donations any day this week.

Thank you!

Important Dates:

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Holiday