John Crowther

Geography of Greece

located in southeastern Europe. Made up of many mountains. isolated valleys and small islands.


Sparta was a warrior society. Boys trained for a lifetime in military. at the age of 7 boys were moved into barracks where they were toughened by a coarse diet hard exercise and a rigid discipline.


Direct democracy in which a large number of male citizens actually took part in the day to day running of the government. women however did not participate since Athenians believed that women were inferior to men and needed male guidance. Athens gave a greater number of people a voice in government than did any other culture of this time.


Socrates- developed Socratic method learning about beliefs and ideas by asking questions.

Plato- divided society into three classes.

Aristotle- Believed people learned through reason.


New Hellenism culture arose that blended aspects of Greek. This culture gave more rights and opportunities. Had a lasting impact on the regions he had ruled.

Greek paintings

Life like. Believed in beauty and balance. Greek art and architecture reflect those ideas.