Prisoner B-3087

Alan Gratz


Yanek Gruener was only ten years old when the Nazis invaded Poland. Yanek was a Jewish boy who lived in the peaceful city of Kraków, Poland, which wasn't very peaceful after the Germans came. The Nazis split his town in two, all Jews were forced on one side. After a while the rest of his family was taken away, and soon after the Nazis took him too. After six years, Yanek had survived the deadliest of concentration camps, and has watched friends get taken away from him. Will he survive until the allied forces can save him?
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The theme Prisoner B-3087 is courage. Yanek and the other Jews had to have courage to survive. For example, in the book it says that every morning at role call someone would get killed. They had to have courage and hope that they wouldn't die. Things like that happened throughout the book. That is why the theme is courage.


This book is historically accurate, since it is based on a true story. In the book it talks about how the rooms for sleeping where crowed, there were so many people that they had at least five people per bed. Also it points out that the nazis killed Jews for meaningless reasons.

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