Emerson Cheetah Check-In!

Emerson Parent Newsletter: August 28th, 2020

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Materials Pick-Up - Safety Precautions!

  • If you drive - you may stay in your car, and we will bring your child's materials to the car.
  • If you walk - you may line-up, and we will bring your child's materials out.
  • Masks are required at all times.
  • 6-Feet Social Distancing is required at all times.
  • Community Members not permitted on campus.
Tech Check Survey

60% of Emerson Families have completed the Tech Check Survey! Great work. Families MUST complete this survey, to get computers/hotspots from the Oakland Undivided Campaign! Please do now, if you have not. Thanks all!

Our Schedules Looking Ahead!

The MOU was ratified! Congrats OEA & Community Members! Great Work!

This means, that our new Distance Learning schedules will launch Week 4: 8/31-9/4.

  • Teachers will be sharing their class schedules with parents, and weekly learning goals.
  • Every class will have Morning Meeting @ 8:30am or 9:00am.

  • Every class will have whole class time for Math and English Language Arts

  • Every class will have Library with Ms. Vetter & PE with Coach Jason - once a week!

Teachers will be integrating small groups (for math and reading) gradually over Week 4 & 5, depending on the completion of student assessments.

Families - please keep in mind, that our schedules are subject to change. Over the course of September we will be reflecting on the strengths and growth areas of our schedules, and soliciting feedback from you. We want distance learning to be the absolute best for our students, and please know that we are ALL doing our best - teachers, students and families. Let's work together to share feedback, and have grace with one another - so that we can grow and strengthen this program TOGETHER!

Tech Tuesday's!

  • Ms. Mikayla will be at Emerson from 9am-3pm every Tuesday!
  • To give out computers to families that need them.
  • To replace broken or damaged chromebooks and chargers.
  • Don't need to call, just come, or email mikayla.logan@ousd.org

Library News!

Get ready to read with Ms. Vetter!

Librarian Ms. Vetter is going to visit every class starting this coming week! With a mix of new stories and old favorites, we'll share the joy of reading aloud about topics serious, silly, historical, contemporary, scientific, inspiring, fantastical, and fun. We have some wonderful new culturally relevant books from last February's Ashay by the Bay book fair and from a couple of summer shopping trips to Marcus Books, at 3900 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Oakland. Marcus Books is "the oldest independent Black bookstore in the country" and it's right in our neighborhood, a cultural treasure.

When you come to school on Friday to pick up your materials, please return any Emerson Library books that you have at home. If you're not sure what books your child has checked out from last March, (and that is very understandable!), please e-mail Ms. Vetter and she can look it up for you.

Enrollment Count!

  • Our enrollment is at 330 students. We dropped a few students again this week.
  • We were projected at 340, 10 students short of 340.
  • If you know families in the lower grade (TK, Kinder or 1st Grade) that are looking for options, we have a few spaces available. Thank you everyone.


Emerson prepares students for lifelong success by embracing and nurturing the whole child. We create learning environments centered around students, facilitated by teachers, and supported by families and our community, so that every child grows and succeeds.


We are a relationship-centered school:

  • students are known, valued and celebrated.

We support all students:

  • academic and social emotional programs meet students where they are and accelerate them forward.

We are committed to equity:

  • we eliminate racial, socioeconomic and gender inequities through culturally relevant learning experiences.

We are a learning community:

  • with a learning stance, we use inquiry and reflection to improve our practice.

Food Distribution Changes!

Now serving only students enrolled in OUSD

  • Bring the letter mailed by Nutrition Services this week, that explains the changes and includes your child’s ID# and a scannable barcode.
  • Bring your child’s student ID card with their Aeries ID# from the previous year (and ideally have a barcode in order to be scanned)
  • Wait in a separate line and have your child’s information looked up in a district database at the food distribution site (this could be a slow process and we highly recommend families bring a copy of their letter).

Families can pick up food at any of the 22 meal service sites. Monday and Thursday 8am-1pm

Update for Emerson School Neighbors:

I wanted to inform you that there will be work going on this Saturday. As the construction team is diligently working toward the completion of the project, there will be work conducted on Saturdays until further notice. Work will start at 7 am and end at 4pm on Saturdays. The work will mainly focus on installing the permanent fence around the softball field. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.