1.Life of a serf

I work on vassal or a lords land, called a fief.

2. Feudalism

a political and social system based on agreements between lord vassals.

2. Manor

a main part of a nobles land.

3. Serfs

they worked on lord or vassals land. The serf do most of the work around the lands.

3. Lords

lords set down and be lazy while the serfs do the work.

4. Statement 1

Few serfs were left in Europe by the end of the Middle Ages, and the growing burgher class became very powerful."http://www.learner.org"

4. Statement 2

Following 1000, peace and order grew. As a result, peasants began to expand their farms and villages further into the countryside."http://www.learner.org"

5. Question 1

What is a serf?

5. Question 2

What is feudalism?


Serfs don't got much rights in the middle ages of Rome. I think the deserve much better, because the work all day ever day. they barley get to sleep. They deserve to have free time. They have to work while the vassals kick back and relax.


Destiny Sexton 3rd period Keller