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A Message From Robert Lavie

Dear Lone Star Language Academy Parents, Faculty, and Administrative Staff,

It is my very sincere and deep pleasure to welcome you and your children on behalf of the board members, the faculty and the administrative staff to our school, and to an exciting 2018 - 2019 school year.

Dr. Judy Johnston, LSLA new superintendent, is bringing to us a life dedicated to excellence in education. The depth of her experience and knowledge in pedagogical matters is exceptional. Her commitment to the children in total. She is straightforward and I am certain that you will learn to love her as a very caring and no-nonsense leader.

I encourage you to request a private meeting with Dr. Johnston. I am confident that you will find in her an attentive interlocutor, fully vested in your child’s best interest.

I look forward to continuing our mission and to helping each and every child entrusted to us to develop a love of learning and to build a solid foundation for a productive life.

I extend my deepest appreciation to the faculty members and the administrative staff for their dedication and compassion. You are the school.


Robert Lavie

Board member of Lone Star Language Academy

To respond to the many questions regarding the resignation of Mrs. Weaver, and the amendment to the teacher students’ ratios that the board submitted to the Texas Education Agency for its approval, I am sharing with you documents, which are public, that will help you understand what happened.

I will list the facts and give the timeline of these events.

Mrs. Weaver resignation:

Mrs. Weaver resignation was received by the president of the board on July 27, 2018 (document 001 and 002).

The president of the board acknowledged receipt of this email on July 27 (document 003).

Mrs. Weaver sent another email to the head of Human Resources on July 30 in which she informed her that August 3rd would be her last day of work (document 004).

An official announcement to the Parents was made on August 2nd (document 005).

Mrs. Weaver’s reason for her resignation is clearly expressed in her email.

Teacher / Students Ratio Amendment:

The original text and the proposed amendment to the Teacher / Students ratios can be read in the attached document (document 006).

Mrs. Weaver had approached the board to request the amendment.

Our original charter dictates a maximum ratio of 24:1. Although we have requested permission from TEA to clarify the charter and ratio, it is not the board’s intent to exceed the 22-student class size at this campus.

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About Lone Star Language Academy

The mission of the Lone Star Language Academy is to provide every student an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that is supported by rigorous and engaging instruction and language acquisition that connects to every child's life experiences.