Nile River And Hydroelectric dams.

By Brock Riege.

The Aswan High Dam

The Aswan high dam is located in Aswan Egypt and was found in the 1960s. There are a few other main land forms there such as the east African drainage basin and the Nile river its self. Most people say that this was made because of the floods that have happened in the past and to produce hydroelectric energy with the dams turbine system. This does not have proof of polluting the water but once the dam was placed there the fish population around there has dropped significantly.

The Nile Delta

The Nile delta is a very lush and green beautiful place. This area is a very friendly place for the animals that are living near it because of its water and its lush vegitation. This lake will flow into the Nile and the red sea.
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Lake Tana

This beautiful lake has been created by the Nile river itself due to its massive flooding during the past and yet it is still flooding today. There are many problems with the flooding near the shores of the Nile but you cant really help it because of the natural causes. This lake will connect with the white Nile. It streams down right into the white Nile to make a big entrance way into it.
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As sudd

As Sudd is a beautiful landscape and a lot of lush green vegetation and water for the animals. Erosion made the lake and it seems like that is a good thing because it is all natural and made natural. The lake look like it is shallow but it isn't that much.
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