Stable Matting

Stable Mat

Comfortable Stable Matting For Horses

Stable matting is a great accessory for any stable. Most stable floors are made from stone or concrete which means they are hard on the legs of your horse. But with stables mats UK horses can enjoy an additional level of comfort that keeps them happier as they stand and sleep. These are features about which you will learn when you take courses in equine care.

Equine anatomy will show you how to analyze the skeletal system of a horse and their bone composition and how to evaluate the muscular system of horses including muscle composition and how muscles contract. Equine physiology will teach you to create a general connection between the nervous system of a horse and its sensory organs and demonstrate a knowledge of how information about the environment is sent to the horse and how the horse acts upon it therein. It will also show you how to explain the endocrine system including the function of hormones and list the parts of the circulatory system in connection with the respiratory system. You will be able to describe the immune system and the manner in which a horse will defend against pathogens.

Equine genetics will leave you able to list the terminology which is used by geneticists and analyze the evolution of horses and their development. You will be able to explain theories of evolution and write reports on reproduction of DNA. You will be trained to discuss genetic disorders and display an understanding of the difference in breeding horses versus zebras or donkeys.

Equine reproduction will show you how to critique the reproductive anatomy of a mare and point out the reproductive anatomy of a stallion. You will learn how to explain the oestrus cycle of a mare and evaluate the different insemination methods. Nutrition for horses will enable you to discuss the structure of the digestive system for horses and explain the nutrition required by horses and how they affect the physiological systems. You will learn how to present the necessity for nutritional supplements and how to describe how to calculate correct food portions. Disease for horses will enable you to compare different diseases such as viruses or bacteria as well as report on signs of degenerative disease and explain clinical signs and transmission of diseases. The science of veterinary studies will enable you to defend veterinary medicinal principles and evaluate treatment for equine injuries. Behavioral science studies will show you how to compare which areas of the brain are associated with learning which concepts.


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