Abraham maslow

psychologist project

about what he did

Abraham maslow was born in new York in April 1908 and died in 1970 he died of a heart attack in California

he was the first studied law at the city college of New York after three semester he transferred to cornell , then back to CCNY.

He received his BA in 1930, his MA in 1931, and his PhD in 1934, all in psychology, all from the University of Wisconsin

humanistic psychology

he became interested in psychology and his school work began to improve dramatically

rejected the idea that humans are controlled by a series of rewards and reinforcements. instead they emphasized conscious experience as the proper focus of psychology.Humanism is a psychological approach that emphasizes the study of the whole person. Humanistic psychologists look at human behavior not only through the eyes of the observer, but through the eyes of the person doing the behaving.