It has a yellowish color, mass of 35, melts at -34 C, its highly toxic, highly corrosive, Combustion-Alkali metals react with chlorine by combustion when tiny amounts of moisture are present.never found free in nature, Chlorine dioxide: ClO2,Dichloride oxide: Cl2O,Dichloride hex oxide: Cl2O6,Dichloride heptoxide: Cl7O7. has 24 isotopes. Glives and eye protection should be worn also a gas mask to protect lungs

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Captain chlorine

There is a super hero and his name is captain chlorine. He is very heroic and brave. He was a stone cold killer back in world war one when he was born. He now lives with his father, Carl Wilhelm Scheele . During WW1 he lived with his uncle, fritz harbor.His uncle is know as the father of chemical warfare.

Captain chlorine doesn't have any friends though. He reacts with almost every element. He has a super hero suit. Its has a yellowish color to it and smells very strong. During WW1 he was used in chemical warfare to kill other troops by getting in there lungs. He has switched to a better life now with no killing and became a super hero.

Captain chlorine now goes out at night so no one breaths him in and kill them. He goes from house to house and jumps in their pool. He helps clean pools and acts as an antiseptic. He also puts a small amount of himself in their water to clean it and make it drinkable. And if there is a real need for it or a big criminal he will use his Chlorine gas and combine with water in your airways to form hydrochloric acid, which is a potent respiratory irritant and causes swelling of the airways. And kills the criminal and keeps us safe he is the best superhero!