Henry Kissinger

Former Secretary of State


  • Born in Fuerth, Germany, May 27, 1923
  • Kissinger and his family came to the US in 1938, fleeing Nazi Germany
  • Sworn in as a US citizen in 1943
  • Served in the US Army from 1943 to 1946
  • Kissinger received a PhD from Harvard University in 1954
  • In his early career Kissinger worked as a faculty member of Harvard University from 1954 to 1969, he was also director of the Harvard International Seminar from 1952-1969

Political Career - Historical Significance

Henry Kissinger was sworn in as the 56th Secretary of State on September 22,1973; Kissinger held this position until January 20th 1977. Kissinger also held several other positions within our government including assistant to the president for National Security Affairs, member of the Presidents Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and as a member of the Defense Policy Board.

During the early portion of his political career Kissinger visited China twice in 1971. His visits were to form a relation between China and the US. During the visits they discussed topics of debate including those of an anti-Soviet nature to strengthen the relation between the two countries. This relationship shifted the global balance of power to the US and its Western Block. The USSR was left helpless in the face of this new relationship, and shift of power


Kissinger not only held high ranking positions within our government but he is also considered one of the best and most effective Secretary of State. He accomplished many feats in his career that are not limited to the one in China. He was also able to help shift the Cold War in favor for the US.


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