Abby Alescio

Geography Of Japan

Japan is an island. There are many mountains in Japan. Japan has an irregular coastline. This leads to a lot of trade and a lot trade creates cultural diffusion.

Religion Of Japan

In japan they believe in Shintoism. Shintoism in the belief in nature and spirits. They believe in this because they are surrounded by hurricanes, volcanos, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Rape Of Nanking

The rape of Nanking was when japan went into Nanking, China and raped and killed almost everyone. Japan wanted china's natural resources. Japan wanted china's natural resources because they lacked their own.

Opium War

The opium war was when England wanted china to trade with them but china did not want to. England decided to sell opium to them so they would trade there resources for opium. Opium is a main ingredient in heroin. In the end England won and they gain control on Hong Kong