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All downline levels 1-5 of Mike and Liz Lowe

Welcome to the Team Hoot Couture newsletter!

You are receiving this newsletter because you are in the downline (levels 1-5) of Mike and Liz Lowe. Our formal team name is Team Hoot Couture, it was established January of 2012. Your upline may also have a team name- and you are also a member of that team. You will find that you will be a member of several teams. We are part of Carla New's Team Lucky Charms and our Direct to Corporate is Heidi Russell - her team is Team Super Stars.

Team Hoot Couture is growing!

Welcome new designers, thank you everyone!

We want to take this time to welcome everyone and let you know that you are appreciated. If you are a new designer - you are in for a wonderful time! As of this afternoon we are at 112 members, and we continue to grow weekly. We are so glad that you are part of our team, and are here to help however we can. See below for our contact info.

What's New?

Contest Time!

JULY contest

The top sellers (PV) will receive a special gift from us. We'll announce the winners in our next newsletter. A hint - it's something special that will help you get noticed and grow your business!

Save The Date

Team Hoot Couture Retreat

Friday, Aug. 9th, 4pm to Sunday, Aug. 11th, 4pm

Ponderosa Dr

New Braunfels, TX

We will be having a team retreat Aug 8, 9 and 10th in New Braunfels. It's a private residence on the river between the third and fourth crossing. A schedule will be sent out later- but there will be plenty of time for relaxation (tubing and swimming too) as well as training on basics and even a preview of new products.

The cost is free to spend the night and for the training (and pool, etc). Once we get a head count as to how many are attending we'll plan more with meals, etc. We may go out for every meal or send someone to go get food (or even cook). We have many rooms as well as fold out couches, blow up beds, etc.

Come whenever you can- it is not required that you are there the whole time. It's about rest, relaxation - and training, with a few surprises thrown in! Please RSVP to when you know that you can attend so that we make sure you are included in all communications.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to text (easiest), email (also easiest) or call us for anything. We're around the most between 930 A- 930 P CST.