Island School PTA Newsletter

May 2015

Message from the Co-chairs

What a magical evening we all had at the Spring Cultural Fair! Our incredibly talented students entertained us through song and dance. It was a pleasure to see how they confidently & seamlessly kept their audience enthralled. Island School students worked with parents and staff to coordinate and ensure everything went smoothly on the night. The Fair’s success can largely be attributed to their amazing organizational skills as well as high level of confidence and maturity.

Thank you to all the enthusiastic volunteers who supported the secondhand book, kitchenware and raffle stalls and to those who spent many hours preparing for the night. The food hall raised the bar once again as always with our wonderful parents presenting delicious food from their home country. There were several families working together as teams & this was particularly heart warming to see.

Thank you to the Dynamic Duo Becky Brown and Ushie Tuck and the amazingly spirited Volunteers’ Coordinator, Dee de Blank. The Fair truly showcased & celebrated the cultural diversity that makes Island School special!

We kept the energy levels high with the Raffle Draw, which took place on April 29th.

Proceeds raised through both these initiatives are ploughed back to enhance aspects of school life not covered by school resources & support the Nicola Myers & Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund. The Fund provides scholarships for local students who otherwise would be denied a sixth form education. This year is the 30th anniversary of Island School’s association with this charity & your support is much appreciated.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the year 11 and 13 students best of luck in their exams!


Co Chairs ISPTA


  • MAY 11th (Monday) 5:30pm - PTA Committe Meeting
  • MAY 29th (Friday) 4pm - Y13 Graduation
  • JUNE 2nd (Tuesday) - Careers Fair (details below)
  • JUNE 3rd (Wednesday) - Y13 Parents' Graduation Dinner at Aberdeen Marina Club (details below)
  • JUNE 8th (Monday) 5:30pm - PTA Committe Meeting

For more information please click here to visit the ISPTA website.


Spring Fair 2015

The Spring Cultural Fair is a huge collaborative effort and would not be possible without the wonderful teamwork of students, parents and teachers alike.

We would like to thank the following for their hard work (often far and above the call of duty)!

Kate Sommerville (Teacher Supervisor):

Kate’s enthusiasm and attention to detail inspire the students to work to their fullest potential (and enjoy themselves on the way)!


Year 12:

Michelle Wong, Alex Horne, Sabrina Nagar, Nicole Wong, Ka Kiu Wong, Mion Yu, Heena Kothari, Nikita Daswani, James Debnam, Carver Wong, Louis Reed, Miranda Smith, Nicola Anne Rutkowski, Ben Lew, Zion Kim, Linda Zhu, Amit Alimchandani, Lap Yin Brooks and Nicole Jim.

Year 11:

Musical Entertainment:

This year Year 11 students took on the entire leadership for the musical entertainment with Jenny Kang, Nick Basford, Niamh Neville and Claudia Lau organising, rehearsing and running the musical entertainment on the night.

Publicity & Decoration:

Led by Constance Chu, Eugenia Liu, Sheryl Lau, Robyn Morgan and Michelle Philip.

Other Key Players:

Alexia Rutkowski, Susan Gurung, Jacqueline Tam, Vivienne Lam and George Taffs.

Year 10:

Vedika Vishweshwar, Gabriel Lie and Ammar Ebrahim.

PTA Committee:

Thank you to the whole committee for your dedication, backing and support. Thank you particularly to Ushie Tuck for steering the ship on the night.

Dee De Blank (Volunteer Co-ordinator):

Dee does an amazing job recruiting and co-ordinating all our parent volunteers, without whom the fair would not be possible. Their hard work and enthusiasm reflects the strong community spirit we have at Island School. We would like to specifically thank the following stall supervisors:


O’Shan Lee and Helen Sze for spending hours sorting and pricing kitchen utensils with their trusty crew of parent volunteers.

2nd Hand Books:

Jane Watson and her husband Neil who came straight from the airport to the fair!


Andy Lowe and Amani Sue

International Food Hall:

Laura Motta and her husband Alejandro Tripodoro, Argentinian

Teresa Fung (and her wonderful family) and Elena Cheung, Chinese

Carol Taffs and Dawn Aquino, Filipino

Alefiyah Ebrahim, Indian

Giovanna Cocomazzi and her husband Perluigi Dadamo, Kent Moser, Maria Miniaci, Daniela Zuppa, Lucia Maruzzelli and Paola Guida, Italian

Haruyo Yamaguchi, Yuka Inoue, Kaori Wilson, Japanese

Hyun Ah Lee, Judy Lim and Jeong Hee Lee, Korean

Julia and Doug Horne, Scottish

Sandy Lew, Baked Goods

Cathy Ziengs, Crepe Stall

Liz and Ron Moser, PTA Bar

Sandra Logan (PTA Manager) & Christine Wong (PTA Administrator):

Sandra and Christine not only spent many weeks preparing for the fair, they worked tirelessly all evening and were amongst the last to leave.

Mr Lee (PTA Accountant):

Mr. Lee is responsible for all the fair accounting and even his family come and help out on the night. In fact, both Mr. and Mrs. Lee were in the PTA Office on Saturday morning!

Sam Fong (Communications Officer):

Sam is responsible for designing all the artwork for the fair, as well as liaising with the students on poster and programme design.

Tony Chan (Island School Facilities Manager):

Tony and his team are responsible for the set up and clean up and work behind the scenes to make sure the fair runs smoothly.

Chartwells (Catering Suppliers):

Chartwells generously sponsor $1,500 worth for disposables for the Food Hall and their representatives, Wendy Ho and Eve Kwan also attend the fair and help replenish stocks.

CHARITY RAFFLE DRAW 2015 - 29th April 2015

Lottery Licence N. 4466

1st Prize: 05812

2nd Prize: 22261

3rd Prize: 06097

4th Prize: 18001

5th Prize: 13939

6th Prize: 23094

7th Prize: 00465

8th Prize: 07190

9th Prize: 06310

10th Prize: 04932

11th Prize: 21897

12th Prize: 11206

13th Prize: 00561

14th Prize: 00545

15th Prize: 08440

16th Prize: 18893

17th Prize: 04326

18th Prize: 22658

19th Prize: 09281

20th Prize: 01984

21st Prize: 02452

22nd Prize: 16521

23rd Prize: 02075

24th Prize: 18981

25th Prize: 10021

26th Prize: 09850

27th Prize: 21503

28th Prize: 19521

29th Prize: 05223

30th Prize: 22101

31st Prize: 17148

32nd Prize: 04378

33rd Prize: 10210

34th Prize: 16555

35th Prize: 04706

36th Prize: 00642

37th Prize: 00492

38th Prize: 03583

39th Prize: 04199

40th Prize: 03600

41st Prize: 21540

42nd Prize: 20262

43rd Prize: 21461

44th Prize: 10084

45th Prize: 14003

46th Prize: 17742

47th Prize: 14004

All prizes are non refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Prizes to be collected on or before 12th June 2015 at Island School PTA, 20 Borrett Road, Hong Kong.

Tel: 2140 6806 E-mail:


Remember! Parents we would like your help with the ISPTA Careers Fair!

The Careers Fair is a joint initiative by Island School & the ISPTA. We are working on trying to provide students with the unique opportunity to interact with & hear from a variety of professionals pursuing different careers.

Do you have a career you'd like to share? We are looking for parents from the following fields to share their careers with students on 2nd June 2015:

Acting, Alumni Association, Events Management, Fine Arts, F&B, Financial Planning, Human Resources, Real Estate Broker, Sales & Marketing, Advertising, Amusement Park (e.g. Disney, Ocean Park, etc.), Biotechnology/Genetics, Environment & Sustainability, Firefighting, Media, Hotel, Police, Sports Management, Sports Star, Professional Photographer, Auto Mechanic, Engineering, Entertainment, Hospitality, Journalism.

If you would like to get involved and partner us by being a Career Representative at the Careers Fair, please contact Angela Wong via or for details.

You may also visit last year 2014 Careers Fair review here



Wednesday, 3rd June 2015


6 - 7 pm - pre-dinner cocktail reception with the Year 13 students (the students will be issuing their own, separate invitation to parents for this)

7 pm onwards - Year 13 parents’ dinner


Aberdeen Marina Club, 8 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

All Year 13 parents are very warmly invited to attend a dinner to celebrate the occasion of our children's graduation from Island School this summer.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a night of good food and drink with other parents. Who knows how our paths may cross in the future!

The parents' dinner, that will take place in a separate room, consists of a sumptuous buffet and 2 glasses of soft drinks or fresh orange juice and costs $600 per person. A full cash bar will be available should you wish to purchase additional drinks for the evening. There will be free corkage for brought-in-wine and Champagne.

Please reserve your seats by sending a cheque for $600 per person to:

Tse Kam Ning (aka Michelle Tse or Kelly Yip’s mum)

18B, William Mansion

16-18 Macdonnell Road

Mid-levels, Hong Kong

Kindly note that the cheque must arrive no later than Thursday 21st May and that the cheque is NON REFUNDABLE.

Year 13 Parent Representatives

Michelle (Kelly Yip’s mum) and Margaret (Joseph Stuart’s mum)

Island School PTA

Big image

We had an excellent response to the ISPTA’s WhatsApp sign up, at the Spring Cultural Fair. This was for all Year groups from 7 to 13. It will be a good way to be in touch with other parents from your child’s year group and address queries, especially for parents who are new to Island School, advice, ideas and help in settling down and being part of the Island School community.

If you would like to sign up, you can do so with Sandra at the ISPTA office or email Angela Wong - or Alefiyah Ebrahim – Please send parents name, child name & class.

The sign up stall was manned by two very helpful students, George Taffs (11R) and Ammar Ebrahim (10E), who spent the whole evening getting parents to sign up.


Big image

We had a lovely lunch at The Staunton Cafe in Soho on the 24th of April with a great turn out of eighteen mums and dads with so much to talk about!

The Parent teacher consultations were coming up and with most parents new to Island school it was a lively discussion.

We have a WhatsApp group for Y7 and it has proved to be a very effective way of communication. If you would like to join please contact any of the parent representatives.

It’s been a pleasure to represent Year 7 and we look forward to meeting more of you at our next event. We are thinking of organizing a drinks evening / dinner in June. Look out for the invitation.


Y7 Parent Reps

Alefiyah Ebrahim (Sarrah 7E )

Katerine Dale (Bahram 7N )

Helen Sze (Nicholas 7N)

Smita Venus ( Shrish 7E)


Big image

An Enchanted Evening for parents at Giando Restaurant

After seeing our beautiful and handsome children commence their Dinner Dance at the Renaissance Hotel, 23 of us, Year 11 parents arrived at Giando Restaurant .We too were dressed up and excited to meet each for the first time. Some in dazzling red, classic black and startling white, all accessorized tastefully. The Restaurant greeted us with a glass of cool "Prosecco", perhaps to chill our nerves. We started with the delectable "Burrata con Melanzane e Pomodori Secchi" and hand-cut "Duo Di Prosciutto Di Parma" to share as a group. Soon, we were laughing and conversing easily, truly enjoying the evening like our innocent children. We were seated at three tables overlooking the water, the "mezza-luna" casting a soft glow on our relaxed and engaged faces smiling. We all seemed carefree for this enchanted evening. It was a lovely night!

Shop News

Advance notice both shops will be closed for the summer with effect from Friday 12th June.

We need volunteers on a daily basis to help out in the bookshop. Please notify Sandra, or Christine, , in the PTA office if you are available to help out for a few hours a month. It doesn’t have to be a regular commitment, it can simply be when you find you have some free time. Fathers are especially welcome.

Sandra Logan

PTA Office Manager

PTA minutes - April 13th 2015

  • Final preparation is under way for the fair. We have student drums, origami, master chef, our famous food hall with excellent cuisine from all around the world.
  • Raffle organization has been very productive and students can return tickets from 7.30am – 8.10am April 15th – 29th.
  • Careers fair we are still looking for volunteers to represent professions such as engineering, music, entertainment, hospitality, journalism - please channel request through parent reps and alumni organization.
  • School calendar for next year was discussed.
  • The date of the next meeting is May 11th at 5.30pm in the school library. Please join us!

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer reported YTD net profit was up by 55% because many commitments on the school’s wish list have not yet been paid for.

A new cash collection process was outlined for the fair.

Principal's Report

Principal reported an exceptionally busy period: Retro, Applied learning exhibition, Fashion show, Y8 technology challenge, IB Art Exhibition, IB film show, Senior awards, and the publication of "Sweet indulgence", "Through the Lens" and a science journal – all of which were designed by students. New prefects announced for the year and Island Futures exhibition coming up. Exam season kicks of on April 28th.

Chris Binge
Island School
20 Borrett Road
Hong Kong

School Uniforms

PTA uniform shop opening hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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