Challenge Time!

January 11, 2016

$25 Nordstrom Gift Card up for Grabs!!

Here are the rules:
Book a pop up for January (online or in person) = 2 entries
Pop Up reaches $500 in sales = 3 entries
Pop Up reaches $800 in sales = 4 entries
Pop Up reaches $1000 in sales = 5 entries

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How to ROCK this challenge?

These are my top tips (things I actually do myself) when trying to build a Constant Calendar:

1. Make a list of people you know! Think of all the different areas of your life: work, gym, mommy group/play group, women you know from your kid's school, relatives, women at the salon you go to, community organizations/volunteering you do, friends of friends, church friends, customers who have never hosted but would make a great one, past hostesses, etc. The last time Emma Austin (one of our team members) did this, she made a list of over 60 people! It isn't hard, I promise.

2. Commit to contacting at least 5-10 of these women TODAY! You will get some "no's", but don't let that stop you. The more people you reach out to, the closer you are to getting that YES!

**TOP TIP: follow these steps if you're new at this, or have been out of the game for a while:

3. Let me know when you've booked a pop up for January and I'll enter your name into the drawing!!

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Important things this week:

New Line launch!! Le Dolce Vita capsule collection will be out tomorrow night at 9PM CST/10PM EST. Get all the details about the line + how to share it with your customers by listening in on the National Call tomorrow night. Register here:

**TOP TIP: Get ahead of the game by sharing the image below with your network TODAY! Text it, post it, blast it to create a frenzy! Copy and paste this sample message if you don't have time to think of something else:

"How gorgeous is the C+I Resort capsule collection, Le Dolce Vita?! Get launches tomorrow night! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks + message me if you want to be the first to show off the newest line to your friends + earn free pieces for yourself!"

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Having trouble? Want to chat?

My cell and email are below. You can contact me anytime to set up a call! I am here to help YOU succeed and make the most of your experience with Chloe + Isabel :)