Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Scene 1

The party ends, and Romeo ditches his friends to go see Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio go to find him. They make fun of Romeo’s love sickness for Rosaline. They don't follow him because they think that this he is bedding Rosaline. There is lots of dirty jokes.

Scene 2

It starts off with Romeo sitting in the bushes creeping on Juliet. Juliet is also confessing her love for Juliet. Romeo reveals himself and they exchange their vows of love. In this scene, Romeo compares Juliet to the sun and the stars in the sky.

Scene 3

n the next scene Romeo doesn’t return home and Benvolio and Mercutio started to talk bad about Rosaline. Tybalt then challenges Romeo to a duel but Mercutio thinks that he is already dead. When Romeo gets home his friends start to make fun of him. Also Romeo tells the nurse to tell Juliet to go to confession so that they can get married.

Scene 4

In this scene the nurse goes to meet Romeo and Juliet starts to get impatient. We the nurse returns Juliet wants to hear the news right away but the nurse was tired and forces her to wait. When the nurse catches her breath she tells Juliet that Romeo was waiting for her to marry. The nurse then leaves to meet a servant who had brought a ladder for Romeo.

Scence 5

At the beginning of this scene Romeo and Friar Lawrence wait for Juliet. While they are waiting Romeo says that no matter what disaster would happen that it would not be able to bring his mood down. Also there is foreshadowing in this scene because Friar Lawrence tells Romeo that this kind of love can end with terror. Juliet enters and Romeo ask her to tell him how much she loves him and then they get married.