Along The Nile

What you should see on your travels along the Nile

The Aswan High Dam

On your way along the Nile you need to stop and see the Aswan High Dam. The Aswan High Dam was built in 1970. The dam now stops the Nile from flooding. The dam provides water for the people that live next to it in Egypt. The Aswan High Dam makes a lot of electricity for the people around it. There are however some down sides of the Aswan High Dam one of which was when the Lake Nasser was being built people had to move as the area was being flooded. The other bad thing about the Aswan High Dam is that now the rich silt that used to flow down into farmland below is stuck in the Aswan High Dam, making the farmers use fertilizers.

The As Sudd

The As sudd is a swamp that is right before the White and Blue Niles meet. It is in the As Sudd that the Nile splits into smaller channels. The channels are clogged with all of the vegetation that is in the As Sudd. The As Sudd is hard to navigate because of all the vegetation. A long time ago a Roman expatiation went out on the Nile and got lost in the As Sudd.

The Arid Landscape of the Nile

The Arid Landscape of the Nile provides relief from the hot Sahara desert. There are some trees that grow around the Nile allowing shade for those around. A few people decided to settle down there to farm, though not many people live there. To the east of it lies The Nubian desert. The Arid Landscape of the Nile stretches for miles. It is know as the land of sand dunes and rocky hills. The Arid Landscape of the Nile looks like a ribbon of green against the red sand that lays all around it.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a big lake that is the main source of the White Nile. Lake Victoria is a shallow lake that is found in Uganda. Lake Victoria was discovered by John Hamming. John Hamming was an English explorer that found Lake Victoria in 1862. In 1937 a German explorer, Bruckhart Waldekker traced the river down farther south to Burundi. A ways after rushing out of Lake Victoria the white Nile turns a gray looking color that gives the river its name.