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Week 2 - NCVPS - Year Long

Starting Week 2

Congratulations! You have made it through the hardest week of an online class -- week1. Now that you have experienced all of the first, things will begin to get easier.

First weeks are hectic…so if you are a little behind (for whatever reason) please work extra hard this week to get back on track. Make sure to view the calendar of assignments posted below.

I am working on calling each of you welcoming you to the course and answering any questions that you may have. If I miss you, please call me back. I look forward to "meeting" each of you and working with you this semester. Keep in touch!

Sign up to Receive Text Reminders!

Calling all students, parents, and ELAs! Make sure to sign up for text reminders and announcements about your Spanish 1 class. This is a quick and easy way to stay informed!
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NCVPS Peer Tutoring - Virtual Buddy

Do you need help learning Moodle? Try an NCVPS Virtual Buddy! This is a FREE service provided by NCVPS. Sometimes all students need is a little help understanding Moodle in order to be successful in the course. If this is you (or your student) please let me know so I can get the easy process started of getting you a Virtual Buddy. My students who have used this service in the past have been much more confident navigating the course and understanding what is due when and how to submit work.

Week 2 Assignments:

This week we will begin working with Unit 1. Below is a list of the assignments that are due by Friday night:
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This Week's RLC Opportunities

Do you still need to attend a RLC for the GS unit? There are several opportunities this week. Make sure to do this before it is too late!
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RLC Update

RLC (Required Live Class) is usually one of the students favorite assignments. And the most difficult to setup as well. If you have had trouble with the RLC please don't be discouraged. I can help you succeed with this assignment.

If you are having difficulties the following screencasts may be helpful:

Señora Velazquez

Please do keep in touch! I am so honored to be your teacher this fall!