Clothing Poster

By: Graham Harrell and David Marts

How to Clothe Yourself

Care Labels are your guide to keeping your clothes looking fresh and clean. Clothing manufactures are required to attach or stamp care labels onto your garments. You can also use labels to sort your clothes. Always read the care instructions on a garment before you begin a wash.

Sort Clothes- Some of the worst laundry disasters occur when clothes are not properly sorted out before being tossed into the washing machine or dryer. To avoid such accidents, you need to separate your white and light-colored clothing from your dark and deeply colored items.

Wash Clothes- Keeping your clothes clean keeps them free dirt, stains, and odors. When done correctly, washing clothes keeps their colors and helps them longer.

How to wash and Dry clothes

Washing clothes

Pretreat Clothes- refers to any special attention you give a garment before laundry.

Machine Washing- You have to push The primary job of detergents is to remove dirt and stains. The job of bleach is to remove stains and whiten a 100% cotton clothes. Before using bleach read labels carefully. Test a small amount of bleach on an inside seam.

Hand Washing- Some clothing is made from delicate fabric, and requires hand washing.

Drying Clothes

Most clothes can be dried together but some clothes have to be dried in a particular way, for more information on this read the care label.

Pressing and Ironing- After washing and drying some clothes may wrinkle and need to be pressed, pressing is lifting and lowering the iron on a certain spot on the clothing. Ironing is the movement of going back and forth over the fabric to press out wrinkles.

Dry cleaning- Dry cleaning is different from regular water and detergent because dry cleaning uses chemicals to clean the clothing.