Over fishing

The useless over use of aquatic animals

Issues with over fishing.

1. Fish are a major food source.

2. Are also vital to keeping balance in the animal kingdom.

There are many negative effects with this problem. These fish weren't meant for us to consume at this rate. If we over fish them we take away a fish's food source then so on and so on. So there not only vital to us but they are vital to the whole ecosystem.

The most effected region in north america is the gulf of mexico.

The organism most effected by this problem is the predators that eat these fish or the rest of the ecosystem if it was a predator being over fished because they keep it in balance.

If you think it doesn't effect us your wrong. Fish is one of our favorite meals and is a big part of our economy.

People are very effected by this many people could loose their jobs and a vital food source.

Over fishing is caused by the large demand of them all over the globe.

Some solutions are fish sanctuaries and fishing restriction.

My solution

My solution to stop this problem is to put large restrictions on how many you can fish. I don't think it is possible because corporations will stop at nothing to make a profit.

pictures of over fishing