Natural Disasters/Natural Resources

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What is this article about?

Natural resources- water and fossil fuels
Natural disasters- Floods, blizzards, landslides and storms

Natural resources

water: A colorless, tasteless, odorless liquid found in seas, rivers, creeks, ocean, brooks etc that is a need to stay alive.
connection to novel- In legend there is an ocean as well as rain. The ocean is a major point because that is where Day finds that secret symbol. The rain because that is after the escape. When Day and June make all their admins.

landforms impact it- deserts can because there is very little amount of water. Then in a bay there is an abundance of water.

climate zones impact it- Mediterranean impacts it because they have a large amount of water.

Fossil Fuels: a natural fuel such as coal or gas, formed in the geological past from the remains of living organisms

Landforms that impact it: Mountains, because that is where you find them.

Climate zones that impact it: Tundra because it is basically a frozen desert so the you can dig because of the frozen ground.

Natural disasters

blizzard usually happen is this climate zones: Subarctic,

mountains block the wind and snow

you prepare by stocking up on food, water, and blankets, candles and matches and have you house snow ready because you never know what will happen

In case of an emergency there is not much you can do in a blizzard. You may try to get help or evacuate before the storm sets in.

Usually on the news or if your friends/following them on social media you can get a notice. Basically on any electronic/internet.


could happen in: highlands and possibly any tropical rain forests where there is rain and mud

landforms that impact: Hills and mountains are what things slide off of….

how to prepare: you can prepare by having a kit ready to flee. But if you are a close town there is really no way of telling.

How to find out: Again its short notice. It may be on the news.

storms(none cyclone):

Climate Zone found in: humid continental

Landforms that could impact: A river or lake because it could overflow.

How to prepare: you prepare by staying inside, possibly having some bomb shelter or basement. Have a survival kit.

How to find out: It will be on the news. Usually we have a fair amount of warning


Climate zones found in: tropical rainforests or humid continental

landforms that could impact them: could run into archipelago, or other force.

How to prepare: can prepare by evacuating to high ground

how you hear about it: could be on news.