Middle School Survival Guide

By : Hazel Haynes

How To Help A Friend In Need ? ??

How would i see if my friend is in need ? if i see my friend at school lonely that would tell me that she need help with something. I would also try to make my friend feel welcome in my heart . Onetime my friends was made fun of for how fat she was . i told her she is not fat . You can only say you are fat and that is not true . People also told her she needs to change her look . i told you stay you know one cant change you . she felt so happy . she gave me a hug and said " You are the best friend in the world." , Then I said, "Thank You ."


Quote : Family is not a important thing . It is everything

-Michael J . Fox

Story That Fits : She Didn't Give Up On Me

Programs : Income Support , DES

Websites : WWW. My family.com

People To See : Psychologist , Counselor

Resources : www.brainyquotes.com



Quotes : Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

Story That Fits : Betty Ann

Programs : Student Council , Glee Club , Sports

Websites : WWW.edlio.com

People To See : Counselor , Teacher , Nurse

Resources : www.susd12.org www.edlio.com www.brainyquotes.com


Quotes : Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning to friendship . You haven't learned any thing .

- Muhammad Ali

Story That Fits : Amigo Brothers

Programs : Children's Friendship Program

Websites : WWW.peersevice.com

People To See : Teachers

Resources : www.peersevice.com www.brainyquotes.com


Quotes : One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

- Euripides

Story That Fits : After Twenty Years

Programs : Boys And Girls Club , YMCA

Websites : WWW.teachingchannel.com

People To See : Mom, Dad

Resources :www.brainyquotes.com www.teachingchannel.com