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Important Dates To Remember

  • November 13-17~ Civic League Canned Food Drive Week
  • November 14~ PTC Meeting
  • November 14~ 3rd Grade Reach IRT Field Trip
  • November 15~ Midterms Posted
  • November 16~ Major Saver Kick Off
  • November 17~ My Guy and I Game Night
  • November 20~ 4th Grade State Pride Field Trip
  • November 22-24 NO SCHOOL
  • November 27~ College Week

From Our Proud Principal Mr. Murphy

Dear Thompson Crossing Families,

As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is upon us. My own children are starting to examine the various advertisements and websites, and circle items on their wish list as I am sure many of your children have started as well. Children frequently offer gift ideas, but often these ideas do not include items that assist in their academic development. Please consider a gift or two that involve reading! There are some pretty cool resources and apps out there now that combine the two ideas, fun and academic learning!

Improving reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary are goals that we strive for daily at Thompson Crossing. Our academic schedule provides students multiple ways to enjoy good books. We also encourage voluntary reading outside of the academic day. Providing access to reading materials and a positive reading environment in the home has been touted as paramount to educational achievement and will direct students to be successful members of a literate community. So as you start your holiday shopping, we hope you are encouraged to include a book, magazine subscription, or even an electronic tablet device for reading to your gift list for your children and keep in mind the gift of reading.

The importance of philanthropy within the Thompson Crossing community is clearly evident. A prime example is our can food drive. Please see the information in the following pages for our food drive we have coming up the week of November 13. A theme day is in effect for each day of the week. The holiday season is not only a time to think about what we have, but also what we can do to help others. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate to your children the value of giving and display the spirit of the holiday season.

I hope each family has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a few days with family and friends. As always, if there are ever questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us here at school.

Yours in Education--Mr. Murphy

Jeffrey J. Murphy, Ed.S., Principal/Lead Learner

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We need volunteers! Please consider volunteering your time at Our My Guy & I Night. Sign Up Below!

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Reminder...Civic League Sponsored Canned Food Drive Starts Next Week!

Our yearly Civic League sponsored canned food drive is November 13th-17th. We have many incentives for the students to bring in canned foods. Each day they bring in at least one can of food, they can participate in the theme for the day! The homework pass can be cashed in on whatever day they so choose. Our 4th and 5th grade Student Council students will be collecting and counting cans for each class every morning.

Monday, November 13th: Bring a stuffed animal to school

Tuesday, November 14th: Hat Day

Wednesday, November 15th: WACKY Wednesday (hair, socks, clothes, etc.)

Thursday, November 16th: Pajama/Slipper Day

Friday, November 17th: FREE homework pass!!!

**The class that collects the most cans gets to duct tape

Mr. Murphy at our December Team Time in front of the

entire school!!**

ATTENTION -Parents Of Current 5th Graders! Staring Next School Year BYOD Information

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Counselor's Corner With Mrs. Rainey

At Thompson Crossing, we strive to promote a culture of caring and support for all of our students, staff, and families. Bullying has no place at Thompson Crossing. Students are educated on what bullying is and ways to respond if they feel they are being bullied or if they suspect a classmate is being bullied. Mrs. Rainey is meeting with every class this school year and discussing what bullying is and what we do if we are being bullied or witness bullying.

Bullying is when a person or group repeatedly tries to hurt someone physically, verbally, or emotionally.

Students can report any bullying concerns to their classroom teacher, Mrs. Rainey, Mr. Murphy, or any other staff member. All reports of bullying are taken seriously and are investigated.

Bullying at Thompson Crossing comes with consequence. When bullying is found to be taking place, students must read, sign, and discuss the bullying contract. The bullying contract has a leveled discipline plan.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Murphy or Mrs. Rainey at 317-860-4600.

FCHS Cheerleading Squad Clinic Information Below

The FCHS Cheerleading Squad is holding our annual clinic for basketball season. Please follow the link below for registration.

FC Cheer:

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Mark Your Calendars! Title I Meeting November 28th

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New Baby Eagles Added to Our Nest at TC!

Our TC staff nest became a little larger this Thursday , when we added two new baby girls. Congrats to Mrs. Freeman, KDG. teacher, and Mrs. Rainey, school counselor. They both are looking forward to spending time with their new bundles of joy as they are out on maternity leave. Mrs. Freeman's leave is being covered by Ms. Cline and Mrs. Rainey's leave is being covered by Miss Jeutt.

FTCSC Students...Prepared for Life's Possibilities!