Progressive Presidents Project

By: Warren Faust

Theodore Roosevelt Biography

Roosevelt became known as the "Trust-Buster" because he was the first president to use the Sherman Antitrust Act against monopolies and restricted businesses. Roosevelt put an end to wasteful uses of raw materials and he also reclaimed and restored many areas of large neglected land. He also kept Europe from expanding into the western hemisphere by adding the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine so if Latin America were to be in any sort of trouble America would intervene and send in the military.

Theodore Roosevelt Report Card

Leadership - A+ -People followed his lead after he fought hard for reform, he created safer and better working conditions, created business regulations. He also broke up trusts that made it very difficult to live due to the low wages.

Organization - A -TR was able to accomplish a large amount during his presidency, he fought hard for reform and proposed the square deal which helped battle large trust,

Professionalism - B+ -people either hated him and were bitter enemies, such as big bussiness, or people supported him, mostly people supported him.

Contributions - A -Roosevelt started the conservation movement and established the United States Forest Service, which created 150 national forests and saved 230,000,000 acres of land. He also broke up trusts and regulated business in tern made many Americans' lives better.

#26 Theodore Roosevelt

William Howard Taft Biography

Taft was known as the "Great Trust-Buster" because there were 99 trust prosecutions and he broke up very big trusts such as Standard Oil, American Tobacco Company, American Sugar Refining Company,

William Howard Taft Report Card

Leadership - D -Taft had very weak leadership and let his cabinet members do as they please, similar to that of when the only rule is there is no rules.

Organization - C- -Taft procrastinated when making decisions and worried about them, he believed his job as the president was to simply support the constitution. Mostly everything that Roosevelt had done had started to crumble under Taft.

Professionalism - C Taft was not a very good president and for that matter didn't even want to be president, but a judge instead. He was very narrow and not very public because he did not like the spotlight of the presidency.

Contributions - C -Taft broke up many monopolies. Got the White House a bigger bathtub.

#27 William Howard Taft

Woodrow Wilson Biorgarphy

Woodrow Wilson was born on December 28, 1856 and did not learn to read until he was 10 most likely due to his dyslexia. Woodrow Wilson won the election of 1912 very easily due to Theodore Roosevelt and Taft battling for the Republican nomination. Almost as soon as he was in office, he helped congress release a tariff reduction and a new federal income tax known as the Underwood-Simmons Act. He also established the Federal Trade Commision which creaked down on businesses that had unfair practices. Wilson made a speech to congress in 1918 stating “We have made partners of the women in this war… Shall we admit them only to a partnership of suffering and sacrifice and toil and not to a partnership of privilege and right?” ( Wilson tried to keep the United states out of World War 1 until the United States learned about the Zimmerman telegram, Germany tried to convince Mexico to join the Axis Powers and make an alliance with Germany against America, in which Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany to "make the world safe for democracy"

Woodrow Wilson Report Card

Leadership - A -The people of the United states followed his lead, he helped make people's lives better by attacking businesses that had unfair practices, as well as helping with the Women's suffrage movement.

Organization - A -Wilson helped make lives better by going after unfair businesses as well deceasing tariffs and making a new federal income tax.

Professionalism - A -Woodrow Wilson had focused on making Americans' lives better for all ages, by helping children receive an education, which many take for granted today.

Contributions - A -Wilson had America remain neutral in World War 1 which saved many lives, and when we joined the war we dramatically changed the course of the war and tides had turned.