Fantastic First Grade

Thankful for our friends!

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Language Workshop

We are continuing our unit of "investigation" focusing on the essential question, "Why do we investigate?" The books that we have been reading are packed with information and the students are asking lots of excellent questions! We have spent time comparing texts and discovering what we can learn from the text and illustrations in the nonfiction books.

Reading Workshop

We are entering a very exciting time in first grade! This time of the year, the students really begin to see themselves as powerful readers! Reading strategies are a big focus this time of the year and it's fun to see the students start applying these strategies as they read in small groups and independently. We are up to 14 minutes of independent reading. Thank you for supporting your child at home and reading those 10 minutes each night. Please remember to turn in your child's book in a bag so we can keep the supply of books rolling and continue to build and increase confidence.

Writer's Workshop

Our language workshop theme arches right over into our writer's workshop time as well. Our writing has been focused on investigation. The children have selected several topics they are interested in learning more about and then spending some time researching them on PebbleGo. We have focused on the "5 finger" format when writing books. We write an introduction, 3 facts and an ending. We have also been working on making sure that our illustrations teach our readers. We will begin to work toward writing teaching books that contain many of the text features we are going to be learning about. Ask your child what teaching books they have written so far!

Math Workshop

Over the past couple of weeks in math, we have been working hard on addition and subtraction. Students have been using multiple strategies to use when adding and subtracting within 20. We worked on counting on/back, using a number line, using ten facts and using 100's chart to help, number bonds and ten frames. We also worked on adding 3 numbers and finding 10 to make it easier to add the numbers together. We are also exploring the relationship between addition and subtraction and using fact families to help us solve equations. Remember that Dreambox is accessible from home!
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Social Studies

In social studies we finished up learning about community helpers. This week we have been learning about Thanksgiving and how we can give back to the community. The students had such wonderful ideas and have decided that they would like to give back to the community by organizing a school food drive. Please see the information below!
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Important Dates

Tuesday, November 26th - End of 1st Trimester

Wednesday, November 27th - Friday, November 29th - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Monday, December 23rd - Wednesday, January 1st - No School - Holiday Break

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