Matthew Azmy Megally

Business Professional

Matthew Azmy Megally: Considerable Multi-Industry Expertise

It appears as if the sky is truly the limit for accomplished business professional Matthew Azmy Megally, a leader in numerous industries and indispensable asset to clients throughout the world. As a success in not only the world of web design and development, but also petroleum commodities and metals trading, Megally has been able to perform and achieve success on a level rarely found in the business community.

An ambitious, educated and knowledgeable professional, as well as the owner of two growing and successful firms, Matthew Azmy Megally maintains the ambition, drive and aptitude needed to accomplish his objectives in any chosen field. Always willing to confront a challenge or obstacle head on, and with enthusiasm, Megally has the special sort of focus and skill necessary to achieve at nearly all levels of the professional spectrum, and promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the business community for many years to come.

Managing and guiding a successful company, however, isn’t the only motivation that drives Matthew Azmy Megally to push forward. Educated in structural engineering, and knowledgeable in the field of investments, he intends to one day achieve the position of project manager with a reputable and large structural engineering firm, as well as to build a successful investment company from the ground up. He is also currently in the process of building the framework for a clothing company, which promises to reflect the same commitment to excellence that shines through in his various other enterprises. Megally is a genuine example of what is possible through determination, diligence and the will to succeed.

Matthew Azmy Megally: Well-Trained, Educated and Experienced Professional

Matthew Azmy Megally is a skilled and passionate entrepreneur; a professional who understands what it takes to turn an innovative, perhaps even revolutionary idea into a successful reality. As someone who understands business operation, and who isn’t afraid to provide leadership and guidance to a firm, Megally has proven himself to be a visionary business developer and manager, an individual who knows how not only to build a company from the ground up, but to provide the skilled leadership needed to see it succeed well into the future.

Matthew Azmy Megally, a Texas A&M graduate with three Bachelor degrees under his belt, is always looking to the future, whether that future exist in the commodities and metals trading industry, in website development and design, structural engineering, the clothing industry and more. Megally follows his passion wherever it may take him, and has invested a great deal of his time and energy into what have quickly become two successful companies. As owner of NeaVizion and The Rerum Group, he continues to keep his eyes forward, and is now engaged in his pursuit of success in the investments, structural engineering and clothing industries.

Matthew Azmy Megally, degreed in Mathematics, Soil Sciences and Structural Engineering, also possesses a minor in Business and a certificate in Project Management. An intelligent, highly-educated and seasoned business professional, he promises to accomplish anything he sets out to do, regardless of the industry, the profession or the occupation he’s chosen. Megally has the ambition, the acumen and the self-drive needed to achieve at the highest levels in any chosen field.

Matthew Azmy Megally - The NeaVizion Vision

NeaVizion is built by and comprised of passionate, skilled and dedicated members of the tech community, people with experience and graphic and web design, internet solutions programming and complex content management systems development, SEO and social marketing services and more. As a leader of the NeaVizion team,

Matthew Azmy Megally seeks to lead the firm well into the future, and to continue to follow the company’s vision, which is to always provide only the highest quality services and products to their customers while cultivating the lasting professional client relationships they need to thrive and prosper far into the future.

Matthew Azmy Megally is proud of the growth and success NeaVizion has achieved, something he kows is only possible through the dedication of every member of the NeaVizion team to the ongoing success of every client and their companies. By providing only the best in web and website-based services to every client, Megally and his team are able to confidently stand behind every project they complete, and to proudly claim the status of leader in what is a highly competitive and demanding industry.

The “soul” of NeaVizion, as Matthew Azmy Megally knows, is comprised of the following characteristics: efficiency, availability, consistency, professionalism, involvement and dedication. Each and every member of the NeaVizion team is committed to these time-honored business and customer service principles, and will work hard towards the creation and completion of an amazing project for every customer at every opportunity.

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