Greensboro Sit In

Come join protest! Defeat segregation with peace!

For all who wish for and want equality!

we are protesting the Woolworths in Greensboro NC, and wish you all to come sit with us. Jibreel Khazan, Franklin McCain, Joseph McNeil, and David Richmond will be leading the event to peacefully sit at the all white lunch counter. We will be taking a stand for equality and to trump Segregation.

SIt in

Sunday, Feb. 1st, 9pm

Greensboro, NC, United States

Greensboro, NC

We stand for peace and equality and as human beings should not hate or discriminate against each other. One day things will change and be brighter for the future, this will only happen if each and every one of us take a stand against segregation.

Plan of Events

Be there with us and take your seat against segregation and hate!

There will be threats and violence, but keep calm and peacefully turn the other cheek.

The only way to change their minds is to show that we are determined and wont result to violence like those who refuse us as equals do.