The Colombian Exchange

Triangular Trade

Time of great trading has arrived!

The Colombian Exchange (Aka The Triangular Trade) was a time of great trading regarding plants, animals, culture, goods, people and diseases between the Americas,(North America and South America) (New world) Europe, Asia and Africa (Old world). It took place in the 1492's. The new world mostly exported raw materials such as crops and livestock. Agriculture had greatly spread in the Americas. Europe and Asia had frequently traded manufactured goods like gold, weapons and diseases. Old world diseases wiped out nearly 50-75% of the Native Americas population. Additionally, Africa had gave up people as slaves in the Colombian Exchange to work on plantations in the Americas. This had causes the indigenous population to drop. In all of this trading, culture of all sorts had been exchanged as well. Europe had grew in wealth and power which made them richer and left them wanting more. This had caused Europe to start imperialism. They kept on taking goods for themselves rather than colonizing new locations. The Native Americans had been introduced to horses in the process of the Colombian Exchange. Before horses, all they had to ride was llamas. Humans can't ride on llamas! That had also been impacted by the Triangular Trade The Colombian Exchange had went in a triangular route. This is also known as the Triangular Trade.