Mrs. Blumeyer

GRADE 8: Social Studies & Spanish

Welcome, Students & Parents!

I'm excited to begin my third year in the PCM School district and look forward to getting to know you this coming year.

I live in Newton, IA with my husband Reggie. I enjoy music, reading, and spending time with my family.

Today is a Great Day to Learn Something New

Social Studies Units

  1. Three Worlds Meet
  2. Thirteen Colonies
  3. An American Identity
  4. American Revolution
  5. Confederation to Constitution
  6. A New Republic
  7. Manifest Destiny
  8. Prelude to the Civil War

What you do today is important because you are trading a day of your life for it.

Spanish Units

  1. Spanish Speaking Countries
  2. Greetings and Basic Vocabulary
  3. What Day Is It Today?
  4. What Time Is It?
  5. Where Are You Going?
  6. What Do You Like To Do?
  7. What Are You Wearing?
  8. The Parts of The Body
  9. The Family
  10. Food and Beverages