Lawn Boy

By: Gary Paulsen

Lawn Boy Summary

The book Lawn Boy, written by Gary Paulsen, is about a 12 year old boy and how he gets his grandfather's old riding lawn mower for his birthday. His neighbors start asking him to mow their lawns and that is how he makes all of his money over the summer. He gets help from a man named Arnold. Arnold helped him a lot with his mowing "business" and he bought him a stock to get more money. Also, Arnold bought a prizefighter for the boy and he gets to watch him fight on Saturdays. His name is Joseph Powdermilk, and he helped with Rock too. He likes to go with Joey Pow. Rock was the one that wanted money from Arnold and the boy, so him and his gang caused lots of trouble for Arnold and the boy.

Author: Gary Paulsen

Genre: Fiction

Publishing Date: 2007


The setting is important because, if it were in New York he can't mow grass for people. He works throughout the whole day and if he didn't do that he wouldn't make as much money.

Antagonist and Protaginist

The Antagonist was a man named Rock, he was a big man and caused lots of trouble towards Arnold and the Boy. Rock caused trouble two times the first one he was going to hurt the boy's workers, and the second time he wanted money from Arnold and he tied him up. Joey Pow was the one that beat up and showed Rock a lesson to not to mess with the boy.

The Protagonist was the Boy. He was the main character and he was the one that got the old riding lawn mower and started mowing his neighbors lawns for money. He was very nice and loved the present he got for his birthday. He is grateful that Arnold is helping him mow all the lawns. He made about $480,000 dollars from mowing all the lawns and from the stock market Arnold bought for him.

The point of view

The point of view the story is told in is first person. This is important because if it were told in a different point of view the whole story would be different. The book could be longer than what it is or shorter. If it were going to be told in 3rd person omniscient we would be able to "be" the other characters.

The Theme

The theme of this story is use your money wisely, because he made over $480,000 dollars. He could buy things, but he has to save the money at the same time. He can't buy stupid things. Some of the money will go to Arnold, but he still has a lot of money.

The Conflict

The whole story had two conflicts, and both involved the character Rock. The first time he wanted to hurt Arnold's workers. The second time he tied Arnold in a chair and wanted lots of money from him. Joey Pow saved him both times.