Chinese Cinderella

The Chinese Cinderella is about a little girl that lives with a wealthy family but dysfunctional family. she was blamed for her mothers death because her mother died I the middle of giving birth and 4 years later her dad married her stepmother '' Niang '' who is an abusive and mean lady. The little girl '' Adeline '' was running for class President and after she won her and her friends went to her house and had a little party, but the party did not last long because her step mom yelled at her friends to get out and for her to get up to her room right now. when she got up to her room niang slapped her across the face and threw away all of the presents she got. This is one of the many times she was abused throughout the book , but she kept her spirit up and got through all the tough times throughout her life. eventually after enduring years of abuse she moved in with her loving aunt in Hong Kong