Noncontiguous region

Hawaii and Alaska

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Geographical features

Hawaii is a group of islands. There is a lot of tropical forest, mountains, and volcanos

Alaska has a lot of mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, and lakes


Hawaiis climate is very warm and tropical, and There is a lot of rainfall.

Alaska has a subarctic climate, there is also rainfall and snow. Alaska is also warm in the summer

Natural resources

Hawaiian resources are vegetation, soil, water resources, and climate because the sunny warm temperatures attract tourists.

Alaskan resources are oil,gas, forestry products, fishing resources, and wildlife resources.


Hawaii and Alaska both have a lot of fish and sea food. A long time ago they both went whaling wich means hunting whales but that illegal now.

Famous people

. Captain James cook discovered the Hawaiian islands in 1778

. Liliuokalani was a queen of Hawaii in the 1800's

. Benny benson designed the Alaskan flag at the age of 13

. Ray Mala was a famous actor in the 1900's

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Tourism is one of Hawaiis biggest industries because of hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, and other things tourists do.

Oil, fishing, timber and tourism are some of Alaskas biggest industries.


Both Alaska and Hawaii have a lot of farming and fishing jobs, but they also both

have militaries.


Hawaii grows a lot of tropical fruits like pineapple, guavas, and papayas. Hawaii also grows sugar cane and macadamia nuts.

Alaska grows a lot of hay, potatoes, oats, and barley.

Arts and recreation

The Hula dance and surfing are popular activities the people like to do in Hawaii. In Alaska some activities that people do are dog sledding in the winter, and hiking in the forest.

Tourists attractions

In Hawaii there's a park called volcanoes national where Tourists can go to watch an active volcano. In Alaska tourists can go to Denali national park to see 6 million acres of forests, river valleys, and glaciers.

Interesting Facts

. Hawaii became a state on August 21st, 1959

. Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee

. There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet

. It became a state on January 3rd, 1959

. There are more than 70 volcanoes in Alaska

. Rhode Island can fit into Alaska 425 times

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