Thomas Jefferson


Early Life

Jane Randolph gave birth to Thomas Jefferson on April 13th 1743 at Shadwell, Virginia. Thomas' mother Jane was a member of Virginia's most distinguished families. He lived in a wealthy family with nine other siblings, only five lived after the age thirty. Thomas fell in love with reading and learning about Greek and Latin. The earliest childhood memory that Thomas had was when he was three years old and he and one of his fathers(Peter Jefferson) slaves took a fifty-mile horseback ride into the Virginia wilderness. When Thomas was fourteen years old his father died which made Tom the head of the family. Since Tom was still in school at the time a family friend stepped in to help until Thomas could finish his education. He attended the College of William and Mary. Thomas began building the Monticello when he was only twenty-six years old. Three years after he married Martha Wayles Skelton, they had six children together and only two survived until adulthood. Martha and Thomas lived happily until she passed away ten years after being married. After Martha passed away Thomas never remarried, but he stayed at the Monticello and kept expanding and changing the house. He also owned about 200 slaves that he inherited from his father and father-in-law, half of the slaves were under the age of sixteen, and only about 80 slaves lived at the Monticello.

American Revolution

During the American Revolution Jefferson was elected governor of Virginia, when he was the governor the Monticello was attacked and Jefferson fled. After the American Revolution he was appoint minister to France. He also served as the nations first Secretary of State, and the third president of the United States. Thomas Jefferson is one of the Founding Fathers of The United States Of America.

After The American Revoultion

After the American Revolution and after presidency, Thomas retired to his Virginia home, Monticello. He was happy to be free from all of the executive duties, and to stay in touch with all of his friends all over the world. Jefferson enjoyed his popularity until becoming ill in 1826. When Jefferson died he freed no slaves because he was worried what would happen to them when they became free people. When he was alive though he loved to have parties and treat his guests to wine and different kinds of foods, when he would have a party at the Monticello there would be so many people and over fifty people would spend the night.


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