Do Not Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking is BAD

Smoking Chemicals

A cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals in it. Such as acetone, which is used for nail polish remover, DDT, which is in banned insecticides and also arsenic, which is used in rat poison.

What smoking causes the lungs to do.

Smoking is very bad, especially when the smoke goes to the lungs. Smoking makes the lungs start to get holes and they start to turn a different color because the lungs are starting to get weak.

Smoking affects parts of us

If you smoke your mouth can get harmed such as the teeth. They can start to loose their white color and turn a yellow color. And you could start to get black between your teeth and it will not look pretty.

Website reasons to quit smoking

This is one of the websites that gives you more examples of why smoking is bad for you,‎