Community Service

Serving the Community

Why Do We Serve?

The word is heard quite a bit within towns and communities in different places. A word that pops up quite a bit is 'Community Service', but what exactly does 'Community Service' mean? What does it entail?

Community Service is work done by various volunteers within the community intended to assist those within their community.

People undertake Community Services for many different reasons. These can vary from things such as:

Court Orders

Sometimes people are ordered by a judge to perform a community service for some amount of hours

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is namely how community service work survives, people dedicate their time and sometimes money into community services while gaining no profit in return.

Relatives or members of the family who have a disability.

There are cases in which a person has a relative or family member with a disability and they just want to help others within the community with the disability or perhaps help others try to understand the disability.

There are many reasons as to why people will take up community service work.

There are numerous organisations which serve the community. Some of these services to the community revolve around animals, the environment, people with a disability and people in the community.

Organisations like the SES (State Emergency Service) assist in responses to natural disasters such as floods, storms, tsunamis and earthquakes in Victoria. Part of what they do also includes assisting in providing aid for road rescues as well as educating some communities on those listed disasters.

Empathy is a key feature in Community Service. It's a tricky word, the definition is generally hard to place. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

At this stage in education it is important to learn about community service because young students are starting to get ready to enter the workforce which is another ‘community’. It is important to know how to interact with the different people that you meet as everyone’s needs are different.

Learning about Community Service and providing Community Service can teach students how to understand or relate with the different people in the workplace, it can also serve to gain skills in possible volunteer work and assist in the workplace.