Personality Type: Orange

Bri Pauli

Overview of my color

I am a witty, spontaneous, and competitive person. People with an orange color type are very impulsive, generous, impactful, optimistic, eager, bold, physical, immediate, and fraternal. Examples include 1.) I am an athletic person and love to bring a competition on when ever I can. 2.) I am a very optimistic person, I love to set goals for the future (like future athletic jobs).

Symptoms of a bad day

When I'm having a bad day my symptoms usually are rudeness, defiance, lying, cheating, and physical aggressiveness. Examples include 1.) When I'm stressed and get pounded with homework, I become rude. 2.) When people annoy me, I get furious and I start to ignore the person until they leave me alone.

Leadership Styles

I expect quick attention, flexible approach, welcome changes, and most of all I expect people to make it fun. Examples include 1.) I like to make things fun instead of boring because I can learn best from myself and others. 2.) I like to welcome changes by letting the other person share their skills with me.

Childhood and Relationships

I am a hand-on person. I find it harder to learn by reading and listening. I like to visualize things and use my hands to help me. I need to become motivated to do things. I enjoy relationships that are long and straight forward. I like to be honest and bold. I enjoy energizing the relationships. Examples include 1.) Relationships that I can be active with other people. 2.) Relationships that are fun and that I can be comfortable with.

Thoughts about my color

I completely feel like my color matches me. Three characteristics that mean most to me are spontaneous, witty, and eager. Three characteristics that are not like me are immediate, impulsive, and fraternal.b My job will be a pediatric nurse and I feel like my color somewhat will help me with my job because I'm good with other people. Examples include 1.) Two positive examples for my job will be energized and helpful. 2.) Two negative reasons will be working with technology and written work. Overall I feel like my color is most like me.


I find jobs boring when they have no activity. It makes me restless and annoyed. I enjoy jobs that are fun and active. Examples of jobs that I find fun are 1.) nursing because its a job that you can be on your feet. 2.) Softball/Baseball, because its a sport and physical.