The Wonderful Mountains

Naomi L. McMillion

The Great Smoky Mountains

There's so much to do in the mountains all year. In the Fall, you can work the leaves change to its colors. In the Winter, you can bicycle near cades Cove in December. In the Spring, you can go fly fishing at the Deep Creek Watershed. In the Summer, you can go camping at Adventure Bound Camping Resort.

The weather can change a lot. If it starts at zero it can change to be hot. It is normally cooler. Don't plan to bring your bathing suit to the top cause it's cold and has snow. The ground is moist at the bottom and not rock hard because it rains too.

It is a rocky landform that has trees, streams, and rocks in the streams. The place is a mountain so it is steeper than a hill. It also has a triangle point on top.

You should see the waterfalls in Indian Creek and Juney Whank and take a trail to get there. You an also see elk at Cataloochee Valley and Oconaluftee Valley. You can drive but the road is small so you may need to wait for to let someone else go by.

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Come Visit the Great Smoky Mountains

Interesting Facts

  • There are more than 120 types of trees.
  • New River is the oldest river in the nation and second in the world.
  • NC has over 300 waterfalls.

So visit the Great Smoky Mountains! You can take a hike to the top of the mountain. Be sure to have a picnic while you are there. Don't forget to go for a walk in the wonderful forest with the many different types of trees they have. You can have a great time and love it forever.

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