Volume 2, Issue 3 | November 2022

Working as a Team

The mission of Albemarle County Public Schools begins with "Working as a team...." This is a phrase I think of often as I watch all of the moving parts of our division working together to provide the best possible education to our students as we can.

Last month, I was able to visit one of those moving parts - literally - as I stepped behind the wheel to drive an afternoon bus route for Woodbrook students. One thing you may not know about me is that, early in my teaching career, I drove a bus for various sports teams and field trips.

Although I still have my CDL, it had been a while since I sat down behind the wheel of a school bus. So before I set off with students on board, our Training Specialist, Jennifer Green, refreshed my knowledge of driving a bus and took me on several practice runs on my route.

It happened that I was driving this route during National School Bus Safety Week, which was a very practical reminder of all of the measures our bus drivers take to keep our students safe. Not only do they drive hundreds of thousands of safe miles each year, they foster relationships with our students that start their school day off on the right note and make sure that their day has a positive ending.

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to thank your bus driver - whether it's National School Bus Safety Week or not. It's always nice to know that people recognize the hard work you're doing.


Dr. Matthew S. Haas, Superintendent

P.S. Check out our "Did You Know?" section for a fun transportation fact!

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This Month's Video Highlight

Thanking Our Drivers for National School Bus Safety Week

Parent Perspective

This month, we are hearing from Sarah Harris, a representative of our Parent Council and co-chair of the Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee.

I have taken on many different roles in ACPS. I began my teaching career here before moving out of the area for about 10 years. We returned just in time to enroll our first kid in Kindergarten, and now have one each in Elementary, Middle, and High School. Through the years, I’ve served as a classroom volunteer, PTO vice president and president, Parent Council representative, Families Helping Families representative, and member of the Strategic Plan committee. I am currently the co-chair of the Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee and a part-time substitute teacher.

These roles have allowed me to see first-hand the incredible dedication of our teachers and school staff, but you don’t need to dedicate hours of volunteer time in order to see that for yourselves. Start by establishing solid lines of communication with your child’s teacher. Attend parent-teacher conferences and school events. Register for a community meeting hosted by the ACPS Community Engagement Team and attend School Board meetings. There has never been a more important time for families to stay informed and engaged, supporting public education and strong schools.

Our educators are here for the kids AND the families of ACPS. They want to hear from us and they want to partner with us to ensure that ALL children are seen and known in their schools and are successful in their education. When families and schools work together, kids win.

To learn more about Parent Council, visit our Advisory Groups web page.

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Did you know?

Our transportation department is approaching 14 million safe miles! That could safely get our students to the moon and back 29 times!

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