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What's Happening in the Hood?! Vol. 2, No. 3, March 2019

Hey there Parkside!!!

Welcome to the Parkside Post! This newsletter has been created by the Parkside HOA Board in an effort to enhance communication in the neighborhood. It contains lots of important information like meeting dates/times, event information, and also answers to frequently asked questions! We hope it is helpful and you enjoy it!

A Word From the Board...

HOA Board Member Changes

Recently two members of the HOA Board, Melissa Wernersbach and Melanie Magill, tendered their resignation from the Board. The current board members want to thank Melissa and Melanie for their years of service, hard work, and commitment to Parkside at Mayfield Ranch. The great neighborhood that we live in would not be as great without the time and effort that Melissa and Melanie put into their roles on the board on a daily basis. As members of the board and members of the community We Thank You for everything that you did as volunteers for the community.

We will block time in the March board meeting for residents to provide input for the choices for filling these two board seats. The board has discussed two primary methods by which the openings can be filled:

1. Leave the board spots open until the Annual Meeting and election this August

2. Appoint two individuals to the Board for the term of appointment date through the August annual meeting and election.

The Board would like to hear the thoughts and opinions of the community on filling these positions. Each resident that wants to speak will need to register for a spot at the beginning of the meeting and will be alloted up to 5 minutes, depending on the number of speakers.

If the board determines that the best interest of the community is served by appointing two new board members, then we would like to know who is interested in the open seats. Please send an email to with your name and why you would like to be on the board.

Thank you for your input and support. It is a privilege to serve and help make Parkside one of the safest, nicest and most beautiful neighborhoods in this area.


Mark Whitehead, Jason Coleman, and RP Punukollu

Board of Directors, Parkside at Mayfield Ranch HOA


March 15 - 2019 Pool Season Opens!

That's right! The Parkside pools open up Friday, March 15th to kick off this year's swim season! Don't have a pool fob yet? No problem! Ander will be at the Amenity Center from 10am - 2pm on Friday, March 15th so you can grab one. If that date doesn't work for you, just make an appointment with Ander Mitchell at the Amenity Center soon to grab one!

March 27 @ 7:00pm - HOA Board Meeting

Come hang out at the Amenity Center with your Board members at the next meeting. An agenda will be emailed out by Spectrum prior to the meeting day. Do you have something specific you wish to discuss directly with the Board? Email Ander Mitchell and he'll help you set that up. ( The HOA will provide light snacks at the meeting.

April 6th from 8am-2pm Community-Wide Spring Garage Sale

Ready to clean out those closets or make space for your car in the garage? Take advantage of the garage sale and make some $$ doing it! The garage sale will be advertised to the public via social media. If we get rained out, there will be a makeup day.

April 13th from 10am - 1pm Parkside Easter Event

More details soon!

What's New?

Pool Rules - The Short & Sweet Version

I don't know if you've ever looked up the actual pool rules in our community documents but they are about a mile long. Here is the short version. I'm sure all Parkside residents will appreciate you sticking to them so we can all enjoy the pools this season.

  • You must be a Parkside resident to use the pools. Residents are allowed up to four (4) guests. Children and grandchildren are not considered guests. :)
  • Children under the age of sixteen (16) CANNOT be at the pool without an adult. This was a major complaint last season.
  • No alcohol. Period.
  • No glass. No exceptions.
  • No pets or animals.

If you'd like a complete list of the pool rules, please send an email to

Did You Know???

  • You can rent the Amenity Center for private parties. The Board has recently adopted a new flat $15 hourly rate with no minimum number of hours. If you'd like to book the Amenity Center, simply click here to reserve your event or click on the button toward the bottom of this newsletter.
  • Ander Mitchell, our community manager holds office hours right here in Parkside for your convenience! He is typically at the Amenity Center at 325 Parkside Parkway on Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Appointments are preferred and you can set that up by emailing him at


Will the Board consider live streaming the HOA meetings?

No. The Board is not obligated to do so. Regularly scheduled meetings are held at the Amenity Center at least once every 4-6 weeks, always on a Wednesday, and always alternating between a 6:30pm and a 7:00pm start time.

Why can't Spectrum just use email to send courtesy letters and violation letters?

The short answer? Because there's a law.

There has been chatter about why Spectrum uses regular mail and certified mail to deliver notices. Regular first class mail is used to deliver the 1st and 2nd notices. Certified mail delivery does not kick in until the third letter. The reason it is sent certified is because it's the law.


(a) Before a property owners' association may suspend an owner's right to use a common area, file a suit against an owner other than a suit to collect a regular or special assessment or foreclose under an association's lien, charge an owner for property damage, or levy a fine for a violation of the restrictions or bylaws or rules of the association, the association or its agent must give written notice to the owner by certified mail.

(b) The notice must:

(1) describe the violation or property damage that is the basis for the suspension action, charge, or fine and state any amount due the association from the owner;

(2) except as provided by Subsection (d), inform the owner that the owner:

(A) is entitled to a reasonable period to cure the violation and avoid the fine or suspension if the violation is of a curable nature and does not pose a threat to public health or safety;

(B) may request a hearing under Section 209.007 on or before the 30th day after the date the notice was mailed to the owner; and

(C) may have special rights or relief related to the enforcement action under federal law, including the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (50 U.S.C. App. Section 501 et seq.), if the owner is serving on active military duty;

(3) specify the date by which the owner must cure the violation if the violation is of a curable nature and does not pose a threat to public health or safety; and

(4) be sent by verified mail to the owner at the owner's last known address as shown on the association records.

How do I set up an account with Spectrum, our new management company?

Setting up an online account with Spectrum is necessary in order to receive official HOA communication. Click here to get started! If you run into any issues setting up your account OR have set up your account and still aren't receiving emails from Spectrum, please send an email to
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