Mayfield Messenger

1/11/2019 Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions: Read More!

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you enjoy the first 2019 edition of the Mayfield Messenger. Every new year brings with it a commitment to make a resolution to improve yourself in one area. This year I have made a commitment to read more. I have dedicated 20 minutes a day to turning off the music, television or whatever other distraction there may be and simply reading. I have many goals when I'm reading. Sometimes I'm reading for enjoyment, or gain knowledge, or simply reading the sports section to see where Bryce Harper is going to sign (Hopefully back with the Nationals).

It would be great it all our Mayfield Bobcats could make a resolution to read at least 20 minutes a day. I know many of our students probably already do that. But it would be awesome if all 890 students at Mayfield Intermediate could say that they are reading 20 minutes a day.

Instructional Focus: Mayfield Book Study for Teachers

In preparation for our January 25th Professional Development Day all our staff at Mayfield will be participating in a book study. We have selected six different books to read. All the books focus on fostering innovation, increasing student engagement, and building a positive culture. I'm so excited to see the discussion among the staff when we all discuss one of the books that we have selected. Feel free to look at some of the books that we are choosing from among our staff.

Instructional Focus: Student Centered Learning

Last week I was walking around the school and I got to see a great lesson occurring in Mrs. Nitowski's science class. The students were so engaging in an experiment. They were working collaboratively with their peers and there was an excited buzz within the pod. The students were studying how force was impacting the distance that a rubber band could travel. Each time the students would pull the rubber band back a little farther and then they would watch how far it could sail through the air. The students were making predictions, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions throughout the activity. Great job to Mrs. Nitowski and her students!

Spelling Bee

Thank you to Mr. Megenhardt, Mrs. Zeoli, and Mrs. Ewing for organizing our initial rounds of the Mayfield Spelling Bee. We had several students participate throughout the entire school. We had 16 students advance to the final round of the Mayfield Spelling Bee. The final round will be held later this month. Thank you and great job to all students who participated!

Congratulation to the following students:

Amidu K., Alexis K., Ava G., Kieren S., Ayan J., Christopher B., Yannis C., Carlos M., Kamauri B., Mayleen E., Aarushi C., Sophia I., Jocelyn A., Alex Av., Emily C. , Emely L.

January 2019- Wellness Theme: Hand Hygiene

The Office of Health Services published a Wellness Theme for each month. Please read the attached document below and see the January 2019 Wellness Theme for Hand Hygiene.

Gifted and Talented Programs

Please read the attached flyer that discusses Manassas City Public School's Gifted and Talented Programs.