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Blast Off with Rocketbook in the Classroom


It seems that everything these days is connected to "the Cloud" in some way. Whenever we type on a Google Doc, it automatically saves to the Cloud. When we take pictures, the option exists for it to automatically upload to the Cloud. However, there are some people, including myself, who no matter how technically advanced things become, still enjoy the paper/pencil way of doing things. This is where the Rocketbook plays a huge role. A Rocketbook is a "cloud-connected intelligent notebook" that allows you to transfer what has been written on a page to a Cloud location of your choice, be it Google Drive, Slack, or any other number of compatible programs. They are about $20 each, but Rocketbook has recently made FREE templates available that can be used in the classroom. Below are links to those templates and how they can be used in the classroom!

So, how does it work?

Follow the links below to download the free pages depending on which template you would like to use. Then, print out enough copies for each student to have one. Once they're finished completing the work on the pages, you can then snap a quick picture of it, and have it automatically upload to your Google Drive, which can then be transferred easily to a class website, Twitter, or even Google Classroom! There's no need to spend money on a bound notebook, when you can easily print them off, and have students complete individual assignments using the Rocketbook pages! So, download the Rocketbook app, share these templates with your students, and start creating!

The Rocketbook Dot Grid

If you personally own a Rocketbook, you know that the pages aren't exactly blank, or even lined. They are a "dot grid" pattern that allows for easy alignment and organization. This Printable Dot Grid can be used for the same purpose, whether it is taking notes, drawing, or sketchnoting. This pattern has the most uses in the classroom, and can be adapted for any age or subject area.

The Rocketbook Graph

Being able to graph solutions has many possibilities. But, the Rocketbook graph paper is specifically designed to allow your students the ability to produce a graph based on the data presented in class. Imagine being able to assign different students, or even a group of students, different problems, and have them solve and graph their solutions, then be able to upload those with a quick scan of the QR Code. The Printable Graph offers the option for many graphs and equations to be solved!

The Rocketbook Lined

Just as the name denotes, Rocketbook also offers lined paper for simple writing of essays, short stories, or other creative projects. Another idea is to print these off double sided so that students can fill one side, and continue writing on the other, as if it were a regular sheet of lined paper. A cool idea would be to "jigsaw" and have students each create a character in a fictional story, or each compose a piece of the story. Then, you can "Bundle Scan" as PDFs into Drive, and then this turns into a student-created ebook, which can be like "turning pages" in a digital book!

Rocketbook Music Pages

This printable template is the one I am most excited about. This could be so cool to use in a music class. Students could each compose individual parts of a piece using their own instruments. Then, "Bundle Scan" them in, and create a musical masterpiece simply by printing out a sheet of cloud-based paper! The Music Template could be used for this and other collaborative or individual projects, depending on the desired use by the teacher.

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