Battle Okinawa (4-1-1945/6-22-1945)

"Bloodiest battle of the Pacific"

Party's Involved

Japan's 32nd army and the U.S. 10th army we're the two opposing sides in this battle. This battle was started because they are fighting for the air bases that are vital for the invasion into Japan.


Island of Okinawa, Japan

Japan's # of Technology

-2,800 aircrafts

-1barrle ship

- 4 destroyers

-34 battle ships

United States # of Technology

- 1,300 ships

- 200 destroyers

- 100's support ships

- 18 battle ships

- 40 aircrafts


Japan- 77,000

U.S.- 65,000

Allies- 82,000


Battle of Okinawa was the biggest and last Pacific battle of World War 2. Also was known as the largest amphibious invasions. 1/3 of the civilians were killed.