Double Identity

Brianna Olvera


In the book Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix Bethany’s parents act different from when she was a little girl her mom cry’s constantly but later in the book she find’s out that she is NOT the only child.She carefully walks down stairs and hears the name Elizabeth and then runs back upstairs with so many question about her. They leave her with her aunt that never know existed then while she was with her aunt her parent go some where but Bethany does not know where.Her dad call’s sometime’s but hardly EVER.


The theme about Double Identity is to thankful because her parents leave her with someone safe but Bethany learns that she can trust her aunt with no matter what happens but she is also thankful because she is with someone safe then being on the streets.

Character Analysis

Bethany is the main character because she is the one that mainly talks in Double Identity


Myrlie house’s where Bethany stay’s because her parents left her there for her safety while her mom and dad go somewhere but Bethany has no clue where???


I LOVE the book Double Identity because it gives me a hook her dad is driving somewhere but it never tells you where it say that Welcome to S…… it gives you a hint but I need more