The 1920’s: The Flapper Age

So far the 1920’s has brought a large scale use of automobile, telephones, motion pictures, and electricity, but it has also just introduced the era of the flappers. With the 19th Amendment being passed at the beginning of the decade women can now vote and pursue their own careers. Women are beginning to attend large state colleges and universities. They are also staking claim to their own bodies, taking part in a sexual liberation movement of their generation. It’s now the age of the flapper : a new breed of young women wearing short skirts, with bobbed hair, that listen to jazz and flaunt their disdain for socially acceptable behavior by wearing makeup, smoking, driving, and flouting sexual norms. Flapper fashion is becoming both a trend and social statement, its a parting of ways with Victorian gender roles, which emphasized plain living,hard work,and religion, to embrace consumerism and personal choice.

Gatsby Throws Biggest Party Yet!

It’s no surprise that Gatsby’s weekend parties are where everyone goes to have a good time, but this weekend Gatsby’s extravaganza was like no other. The decorations stretched through every room in his elaborate mansion, the alcohol was endless, the orchestra was one of the biggest New York has ever seen,and Louis Armstrong even attended to play . Making this the biggest party Gatsby has ever thrown. Photographers, movie directors,dancers and models can all be spotted having fun throughout the mansion.

The city of New York was completely empty all weekend due to Gatsby’s party. It has become part of New Yorkers lifestyles to travel to West Egg for Gatsby’s extravaganzas. So where is the host,Gatsby himself? No one has ever seen him at his own parties. Some say he throws these parties for an old friend named Daisy, in hopes that she’ll show up. They say he can be seen in the master bedroom of his mansion, where he will stay all weekend. Others said they saw him this weekend, but with the number of people it’s hard to tell. It has become a regular part of Gatsby’s lifestyle to throw these huge parties, but the one this. weekend is going to be hard to top.